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Sit back & read real life Swingers Stories

Looking for some decent reading? Want to find out about swingers lifestyle from members that really do swing? Well in that case we've put together a selection of the best true life swingers stories and erotic fiction sent in by our members.

If you're considering the uk swinger lifestyle it really does give you a great insight into what swinging is all about, after all it may come as a surprise but it's not just about sex, really ;o These swingers tales & members stories are free to read!

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Getting the low down on just what swinging "is" really about myths, legends and what really happens

OK maybe not legends, as I don't think anyone in the swinger's world is a legend but I'm sure you know what we're getting at. But what reading swinging stories will do is dispel some of the myths about the swinging and shed the image of the old wife swapping key parties that really were the start of swinging.

Now it's a much more liberated lifestyle with many couples or swingers celebrating their sexual freedom to play with others and by posting stories here these can be shared with both old & new swingers as they openly write about swinging experiences.

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The pics shown above are linked from the members section showing genuine swingers!

Swingers Blogging!

Do you blog or enjoy posting comments into forums? If so you'll love your very own blog & forum as this will allow you to create and write on your own personal swingers blog so others can read your views on ANYTHING. It doesn't have to be about swingers, although most of the blogs are swinging, sex or crossdressing related, likewise with our forums you can read reviews back from others plus like most things swinger related it's a great place to meet and chat.

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