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Hampshire young swinger Kath (sorry made up name, as she asked to hide ID) tells us about why she got into swinging, well more webcam sex than swinging but by the sounds of things it won't be long before this horny young swingers will soon be meeting with members, which reminds me I've got to get my webcam working ;o)

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You know where I used to live in Gosport is DEAD in fact I've been to Graveyards where there is more action! ok maybe not graveyards but you know what I mean and I can understand why any young Hampshire swinger would turn to contacts sites to meet people and posted here are a few members pics so enjoy, but not too much otherwise you won't hit the join button as trust me we've got loads more Hampshire swingers & young sex contacts

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OK who doesn't like to fuck around on the computer, after all, PC's are for sex aren't they? least mine is LOL - hiya all my name is Kath and after my best friend moved away I was at a really loose end especially as we always used to go out hitting the local clubs doing our best to wind the guys up! with our little lesbian fun ;o) oh come on guys you know you love to watch girls kissing!!?

Well one night I was sitting back drinking some wine and getting fed up doing college work so shut it down and hit Google for some naughty searching, I soon found Swingers Zone and as it was offer free swingers memberships thought why not and joined. Once inside the site I soon realised I needed to post a profile ad and thinking what the frig thought I'd come back to that after reading a few profiles ads, so carried on looking around and no great surprise came across the chatroom & webcam chat and as my PC had a webcam attached thought I'd check it out

Once I entered the swingers webcam I was soon complete bleeding lost, maybe it was the drink or maybe the fact I was so tried and TBH I was just about to call it a day when this guy contacted me and he got chatting first by the internal mail system, then in the chatroom, and he offered to show me how to set it up, for a price ;o)

After 20 mins of fanning around I finally got the thing running and once inside the members webcam section soon found "pete" and within a few seconds could see him and YES I would!! mind you considering I've not had a fuck for while I'm pretty horny and it didn't take much encouragement from me to see Pete's tackle LOL

Then came payback (not the Mel Gibson film, mmmmmmmmm yummy) so Pete asked me to stand up so he could see what I looked like, after all I had been teasing him something rotten for the last 20 minutes, so stood up and gave a little turn and as I only had a little mini skirt on and top he got a pretty good flash especially when I put a foot on the chair and pulled my skirt up showing off my silk white knickers, that already had a damp patch showing

With this he begged for more and after showing me his hard cock I pulled my knickers to one side and slowly pushed first one finger then 2 deep inside my soaking wet fanny, I could hear him sighing and also could see him wanking off so this got me going even more and started my off by fucking myself with my fingers

Like most women I can bring myself off really easy by fingering myself, why men find it so hard god knows but within a couple of minutes I was cumming hard onto my fingers then pulled them out and licked all the cum from each one, which hit the spot bang on the Pete as he cam straight away!!!

We chatted for a while longer but he wanted to go away and clean up and I really needed to get to bed, he asked if we could meet but I wasn't sure at the time so put him off but since our first time we've played more and in fact I've had webcam sex now with about 6 guys and this one guy I'm really thinking about meeting up as he's bloody horny and HUNG

Watch this space...

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