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Why join?

Easy because we offer the best swingers personals site! How many times have you seen that online, join us as we offer the cheapest, the fastest, etc and how many times have you paid your fees only to be let down by the swingers personals website and probably wished you'd never bothered? Well like all the others we're not going to break the mould - we are the best, BUT what we offer is FULL free access so you can try us out before parting with a penny!

Why do we stand out from others?

Because we allow you to have complete access without paying, so this means as a swinger who is considering joining our site you'll feel more comfortable knowing that you can join & look around without any financial commitment so the end result is we get 10 times the volume of new swingers joining our swingers personals website then any other and with more members that means more contacts for you plus a busy and exciting place to chat with others.

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As a member what do I get?

  • Write & post up your own swingers personal ad making sure you tell members what your looking for, your likes & dislikes
  • Unlimited space for you to display as many swingers photos as you like, along with video clips, audio & private space for password protect photos that YOU only allow access to
  • Search swingers personals ads by age, sex, sexual preference, size, ethnicity plus a load of other keywords
  • Send private messages using our internal mail system and you can opt to receive message alerts via your own email system (eg. outlook) when someone replies or keep it for private until you log onto your account for maximum privacy
  • Chat with members direct either using our advanced video chat system or text based java chat rooms and these offer an instant access to members personal ads
  • Read forums & blogs for information of swingers parties, clubs, even the best dogging locations and crossdressing tips
  • Build your own swingers friends network and then be instantly notified when any of your own 'swingers zone group' go online

Make it a night to remember...

For the right reasons! If you are going as a couple please make sure that you have talked about your own and each others expectations of the party and agree before you go what you will/wont do - are you going to stick as a couple and play together, are you going to stay in the same rooms together or are you going to split up and play apart? There is nothing worse than a couple having a disagreement when one wants to play with one couple and the other person not, it does kind of put a dampener on the evening for ALL parties concerned.

The morning after the night before!

Well maybe not the morning but it is curtious to say thanks (even though you probably did on the way out) to the hosts whether it is in the swingers chat room online, via an email or on the phone. You are more likely to get a second invite if you show you have manners.

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