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Swingers Lifestyle Blogs

One of the features for members of Swingers Zone is the ability to create your own swingers blog where you can document your experiences of living the swinger lifestyle, describe the horny fantasies you'd like to act out with the help of contacts you make on the site or just to let others know how you are feeling today!

Bloggers Competition - often we run competitions to win premium membership for the best blogged fantasies!

Everyone wants to be a blogger!

And now you can, well as soon as you join anyway and there is no limit to the number of times you post up new items to your blog, plus people can leave comments to your blog which is a great way to get to know new people through the site. Many of our members use their blogs to advertise parties or events they are planning, some will detail every last detail about the organising, etc while others will use their blogging space as a notice board for others to read.

"As a newbie swinger couple we found reading the blogs of other members a great way to learn about the lifestyle we had just joined up to and it gave us confidence to take part!"

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Blogging addiction!

From the amount of time some of our swingers spend on their blogs you could easily see how this can become addictive LOL but by letting others read about your swinging activities you can help those that are new to the scene and who are maybe shy about asking questions in other areas of the site like the chat rooms and forums

Sso even if you are new to all of this yourself, we would ask that you start your blog as soon as you join and use it like a diary of how you found this site, what made you decided to join the Swingers Zone, your experiences of using the site and finding sex contacts and of course all the juicy details of your first proper swinging experience!

We have posted details of some of the swingers blogs postings on this page but within the main members sections we have hundreds more from swingers all the UK & Europe...

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