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Soft Swap vs Full Swing!

Once you are totally sure you BOTH want to become swingers you need to decide how far you want to go, especially on your first session. For many a soft swap is an ideal introduction to the lifestyle becoming an extension to their own foreplay with full sex happening afterwards!

Soft swapping get the real low down on soft swaps and just what this variation on swinging is all about!

Are you thinking about joining the swingers scene and whilst you like the idea of meeting other couples for some fun you don’t want to have full sex with other couples? If that sounds like you then consider the soft swapping / soft swingers scene

A lot of new couples that come into the swingers scene start out as soft swapping contacts as it’s a great “entry point” knowing that your going to meet with other horny couples but when it comes to full penetration that’s ONLY between couples only and not the couples you are meeting with.

One thing to remember whether you’re considering soft swinger meets or full swapping is why? if your doing to bring some extra excitement into the bedroom or any other room you use LOL ...fine if its because your marriage / sex life is failing then joining a swingers site is NOT for you as it will have a negative effect on your relationship

Posted below are some of the types of swinging meets so you have a informed information on the various forms of swinging meets from soft swapping, full swaps, same room sex to open swapping

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The various types of swingers contacts are the following:

  • Soft Swapping - This really involves play between the male & female from each couple but no actual sexual intercourse taking place between the swapped partners. How far the playing goes should be agreed before play starts but often it includes the use of toys, oral sex and kissing. Whether the couples intermingle or not is down to personal choice but quite often in this scenario the more experienced couple will then go on to have sex together in front of the new couple. Quite often girl-on-girl action while the 'husbands' watch is included in this category.
  • Full Swing - As the name suggests this is a full swap between couples with full sex occurring between the swapped couples. Depending on the situation the action can be in the same room at the same time as the other two partners or in a different room. Many swinging couples enjoy this totally uninhibited freedom of having full sex with others but it doesn't mean they will have sex with just anyone!
  • Same Room Sex- For some they just enjoy the voyeuristic and exhibitionist side to swinging and although they may fully swap they primarily enjoy having sex with their own partner just doing it in front of other people, or they love to watch others having sex - just like a live porn show.
  • Closed swinging -Perhaps more leaning towards the old style wife swapping, couples split up and move onto different rooms within the same house so that their playing is unobserved by their own partners and for some this makes it easier to perform with a different person!
  • Open Swinging -Often referred to more as orgies or even gangbangs, this type of swinging is generally where there are more than two couples, maybe also including some singles as well and where everyone is involved with each other, not just soft swapping or one-on-ones.

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