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Single female swingers

Female Swingers is possibly one of the most common searches done online will be for single female swingers who are in demand from single guys looking for NSA casual sex, from bisexual females looking for female companions and also from couples for threesomes - just as well we have plenty of them!

The jewel in the swinging crown

Ask most hetrosexual hot blooded males what they want and it is sex with horny, hot females or taking it to the next fantasy level sex with two or more females and even better if they are bisexual - so you see as a female swinger you will always get lots and lots of emails asking you to contact other members so ensure you make it perfectly clear in your personal ad what you are looking for, what you will/wont do and make sure you have at least one photo on your profile.

Be safe!

By this we don't just mean having safe sex by using condoms, although that is obviously a majorly important fact! As a single female and meeting with 'strangers' you are putting yourself in an incredibly vulnerable position and you must proceed with caution and employcommon sense when agreeing to meet with any contacts you meet online. Of course we'd love to be able to say that all the members you will come into contact with on the site are friendly and genuine but unfortunately we have no way to vet members and there will always be a few odd bods out there!

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Let someone know where you are going!

We are not expecting that you will be wanting to tell your parents that you are going out to meet some guys or a couple for sex but you really should let a friend know where you are going and although it sounds corny but having a get out plan is always a good strategy, even if it is just getting a friend to phone you at an arranged time which gives you the chance to come up with an excuse to leave should you not be enjoying yourself! We suggest that you arrange to meet somewhere public first so you can judge how comfortable you are with them before taking things to the next stage.

You are the one in charge

Whether you are meeting up with a single guy, a couple or going to swingers parties, you have the right to decide the pace and what you will take part in. It is very easy for a couple to expect that you will be comfortable doing whatever but they don't know you as they would know each other so don't let them push you further than you are prepared to go, if you aren't enjoying yourself just let them know. Never counteract nerves with alcohol though it can make you loose your inhibitions and with it your ability to judge situations correctly. Chatting for some time to your new 'friends' online and if possible on the phone before your meeting can help!

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