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Just how easy is it to meet with female swingers? easy when you put a little effort into what your doing swinging tips and advice

Want to meet with female swingers? whether your a couple looking for horny female swingers or a single guy the same principle applies, put some effort into your message and make YOUR message stand out from the others

This message was posted within a female swingers blog and whilst clearly the author of her messages had a way with words it just goes to show that if you go that extra mile you'll get your dream female swinger contact.

My erotic Swingers messages and how I turned into a female gagging to meet with this guy ......

How many of us get erotic messages every day?

And no I don't mean the normal dirty messages that swingers send between each other, what I mean highly charged erotic messages and emails that leave you aching for the very content to be true, with your skin almost craving to be touched by those hands that composed and sent the messages...

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At the time I was seeing someone and used swingers contacts to offer that little bit of extra excitement but I was more as a voyeur rather than meeting, but these messages just turned my toes with excitement, the only problem was they were not from my then partner, which did leave me a little confused as to how to deal with them

How to respond to a man that leaves me wet that often after reading I have to head towards the bedroom and play with myself, how should I respond? what to put... imagining that anything would be seen as encouragement...

Rightly or wrongly at the time I did nothing instead choosing not to say anything to my then partner and at first just deleting them as they came, it seemed the "right" thing to do.

And now the erotic messenger has become more involved with my life, as I may have joined a swingers website to be a onlooker I've now become involved and one of the more erotic turns of fate...that stirred my inner most desires

I never dreamed I would meet him and that they he would hold me, touch me in places I wanted and his lips kissing places that you only dreamed off with moist tongue exploring the dark wet places that tasted of heaven, with fingers probed and hardness pushed inside - and these dreams to him were never going to happen.

He never dreamed we would meet but we have and now as a couple we are enjoying the scene and all my once fantasies are turning into reality meeting with both other males, females & enjoying couples with my erotic swinger friend. For those that just send lame message put some effort as it may well get you the girl of your dreams...

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Advice for placing female swingers ads

Advice on meeting with female swingers, we are here to help but its only you that can that extra mile and make a female want to meet with males. Consider your profile carefully after all its YOUR advert so a lame profile is going to get a poor response

Try these tips to help you meet with female swingers

  • Detailed profile - make sure you tell people about yourself and don't B/S members as they will see through this.
  • Photos, want to meet with female swingers? post photos its really that simple - members want to see what people look like before responding to messages - cock photos, just ne last point most people know what a cock looks like but still guys post up nothing but photos of there cocks, try posting one that shows all your body - then if you want to post one of your cock least members can see your body along with the little guy as well
  • Sending message - details on the left regarding this but the rule is put effort into your message

No matter what type of swapping you want to do you need to find the other couples now so join us and you could be having new sexual experiences tonight!