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Guide to general swingers etiquette!

Obviously a lot of this 'should' be common sense but it is surprising how many new swingers just do not know how to behave either online, at a party or even one-to-one! We've put together this guide to swingers etiquette to hopefully ensure that you all have a swinging good time and if everyone plays by the rules it means that we all enjoy ourselves in whatever swinger situation we are in and don't have to worry about upsetting anyone or getting embarrassed!

Online etiquette

Although this is an adult website and obviously personal ads are placed to request sexual partners and activities there is no excuse for inappropriate behaviour especially in the chatrooms and if someone turns down your contact request accept it, swingers can choose who they play with and you wont be to everyone's tastes.

At the same time if you get a request from another member and you aren't interested be polite when you turn them down - basically treat others as you would want to be treated, with respect!

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Meeting with other swingers

You all have to get along as most people can't/won't have sexual intimacy with anyone they don't like so always be polite, courteous and respectful in all situations and be aware that not everyone will be as confident and comfortable as you may be and if you are feeling nervous tell the other participants or they may think that you are being rude or are not interested which can spoil the evening for everyone.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

If you are going to someone else's house, whether it is for a party or one-to-one, etc, then it is advisable to take with you some toiletries with you so you can freshen up before, during and after the night's events and you don't really want to be asking to borrow the hosts things. It is also advisable to take along a change of clothes to travel home in but don't turn up with a suitcase ;o)

No means NO!

If you don't want to join in, or someone to join you, or you don't want to do a particular activity just say no thank you - it is often best not to elaborate or explain your decision as that it is what tends to then offend the other person(s). Just be polite and smile! Don't feel pressured into doing anything you don't want to, even by your own partner. Everyone has their own comfort levels and should respect how you feel and don;t do what so many people have done and drink (or take drugs) to gain dutch courage, this inevitably makes things worse in the long run!

Safe Sex!

It's widely reported in the news about the number of sexually transmitted diseases is rapidly on the increase but this isn't just amongst the teens and young population a staggering amount of the older, and supposedly wiser, swingers generation are picking up STDs as well. Condoms serve more than one purpose and unless you know the person you are having sex with well you cannot guarantee what may get passed between you even if they seem nice & clean! However if you do choose to go bareback please make sure that everyone concerned is happy with that decision and that means partners as well!

We don't want to preach and make swinging seem hard work but if everyone follows these basic rules then all involved can enjoy their swinging! If you plan to attend any swingers parties read our Swingers Party Etiquette page for more details...

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