Welcome to the world of instant porn

Ok its a fact swingers are horny! and one thing that goes hand in hand with swingers is adult porn movies, although thankfully due to VOD ( video on demand) we now have access to thousands of porn videos and when I say thousands I really mean 100,000s!!!

With the advent of adult streaming video on demand people these days can access just about any type of legal porn movies and as these movies are streamed it means not only do you get instant adult porn but you won't be charged the silly prices people in UK have had to pay in adult Sex shops for porn dvds

With Porn VOD I'm only renting, thats naff

Thats right you are only renting the movie for either 24 hours a month depending on how long you want to view the movie for, but lets be honest how many times do you watch porn DVD? after all once you've enjoyed watching it maybe a couple of times it then goes in the drawer and stays their

However should you want to download and burn it onto a blank DVDR ( blank DVD that you can record onto) then you have that option too

VAST Range!

When I say vast I'm really not taking the P here, the last count showed their was well over 100,000 movies ready for instant access using VOD and when you compare that to most UK sex shops that will have perhaps a 100 titles if your lucky you can see why so many UK adult stores have stopped selling porn DVDS, because people are moving over to VOD ( video on demand)

If you new to using Adult VOD check out some of these basic tips and the different types of ways you can view porn movies:

  • Memberships fees - what membership fees? with video on demand you only pay for what you watch so theirs no membership fees, you will have to join up but thats only so you'll have a member number so that when you find a film to watch you can pay money into your account
  • Instant Access - one of the great features of vod is instant access after all how many times have you looked at some porn DVDS website and though YEAH thats the film I want then have to wait around for days for the movie to turn up! with VOD when you see a movie you'll be able to start viewing it within a few seconds ( or if download option a couple of hours).
  • Rent movies for 24 hrs - 1 month - how long you rent the video is completely down to you, if you want to watch the film once then go for the 24hr rental but if you think you'll want to watch it over a few times then go for the 1 month period
  • Every type of video - we really do have every type of film or should I say Porn video you could every want to watch from anal - to teens and a massive amount in between, in fact the only problem I know of is there are so many it takes all night to pick a movie to watch .
  • Cheap - Ok for most of us brits when we buy a porn DVDs we'll be paying anything between £20 -£40 for a quality DVD with VOD you'll be paying £4! and when you compare that to renting a video from your local store its around the same price but you can be pretty sure these DVDs will never be available to hire from your local block buster!
  • Always in Stock - how many times have you seen a horny dvd for sale on a website only to find out it out of stock! well with VOD that can't happen as all the movies are stored on our servers ready to stream, download 247 so no matter when you look its ready to be viewed
  • Help - Help is always at hand 247 using a chatroom type system so if for some reason you are having problems then help is at hand when you need it

Just check out some of the different ways that adult vod ( video on demand ) works or better still hit the banner and start viewing porn for a fraction of the price of buying adult dvds.

Please note - all the videos & films that are available are hardcore in nature these are not soft porn videos so to view any of these videos you MUST be over 18 and by clicking any of the links on this page you are confirming that to be the case - Don't buy porn, rent it