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Help me with my profile "swingers"

After you join a swingers website the first thing you need to consider is your swingers profile advert and it does take a little consideration, after all this is YOUR advert so putting some thought and time into it is a must after all you don't want to post up one line " young couple looking for other" will probably get you no where.

Its not a race take your time!

Once you joined the site theirs no rush to get a profile placed, in fact your better off stopping and just looking around this will give you some idea of what others are saying and by reading swingers profiles you'll soon have some idea of what needs to be posted along with your photos & videos as well if you have any

Read & Research!

Once your a member you'll have full access to all the members profiles and this is YOUR opportunity to do some homework so that you get your profile right. Read what members have said, look at the photos posted, read blog postings!! all of these tips will help you get your profile right and get members contacting you

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Detailed below are just a few basic tips to follow and by doing so you'll soon have couples & single swingers contacting you wanting to meet

  • Profile name - Think about this as you want something that's easy to remember and also maybe describes you a little
  • Headings - you want to post something that will jump out and grab someone's attention " wanna meet" won't do much but " young couple from Hampshire for NSA" will so put a little thought behind your heading.
  • Profile Text - If you want to get genuine members contacting you that are serious about meeting up you must put some effort behind your profile and putting one line up about yourself will do nothing other than getting time wasters contacting you. Tell people abut yourself, your likes, dislike, turn on's and offs this way people can get a better understand of you and so hopefully drop you a line and meet up
  • Photos - They don't have to be studio quality photos but try to post something that's clear, you'll be amazed how many members post up naff camera phone photos that you can only just about work out whats been posted! - so if you don't have a digi camera borrow one from a friend - but more important than anything is make sure you post a photo even if poor quality as a profile with no photo will get ignored a lot of people will assume they are not serious about meeting .
  • Keywords - once your profile text is sorted you can add keywords into your profile like, soft swapping, dogging, bukkake, parties, BDSM plus a load of others so make sure you use these as when members search for contacts they will sometime use these if they are looking for members that have a certain interest

Last thing is be proactive!! If you just post a profile and leave it at that it could get lost with the thousands of other so join in with chatting in the chat room, post messages in the forum & even start blogging - all of these things will help members find you fast - just hit the join button and start finding contacts around the UK & indeed Europe as well...

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