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Don't get your first message deleted!

do you want to get your message read by other members? do you want members to think "YEs, I wanna hear more from this couple" well in that case make sure your message puts you across well and catches the imagination of the swingers you are contacting.

With a swingers website you have to remember that many members will be sending messages backwards & forwards so you need to put a little thought into it, so if this is your first message to a member then relax, it no different than making a direct contact with any one else!

Put some effort into your message 'fancy a fuck ' will get you nowhere!

you'll be amazed the amount of members that really do just say that ! and then these members wonder why they get a poor response and if you look around some of the profiles you'll see members asking for proper introductions not just one liners

Whilst you do have to get a balance between war'n'peace and just one liners if you tell people about yourself and also direct them towards your profile that should give them enough information to hopefully click on your profile and reply to your message

Are you what the swingers want & looking for

Be honest with the couples you are contacting after all it could come back and bite you if they say they want to meet up and you don't fit what they are looking for and remember your message will not be the only one this couple will receive so keep your message to the point and don't lie!

Keep private direct contact information PRIVATE

when you contact members don't give out personal contacts details stay secure and don't give your information out till you are completely happy with the member you are contacting. We encourage all members to use the internal mail system as its free and 100% secure and doesn't rely on your private email address in order for you to receive mail.

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Flirts - don't open that box ...

Flirt messages offer members the chance to send a quick message to members, like "hiya wanna chat, if so drop me a message" but some members don't like them and prefer "proper" messages so its worthwhile to read members profiles first as some members that do have a dislike to flirt messages have posted up saying flirts will be deleted

And last .........!

Read the members profile you are responding too, if they say NO SINGLE males and thats you don't reply, also if they will only respond to members that have photos then don't reply if you've not got any in your profile or can attach to your message

If you just fellow some of these basic tips your message will get a good response and you'll hopefully have members replying to your contacts message and hopefully meeting up...

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