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Want to find current dogging sites? in that case its time to get the thermals off and start meeting UK dogging contacts .......

FACT dogging has become a UK national institution!!! and whilst other counties are getting into the dogging contacts scene its home is well and truly set in the UK .....even with our freezing weather its only us brits that would leave the comfort of a warm house ( especially this time of the year) go to some dark car park and hope to find others for some car park sex .....are we mad? yes, do we love it .....YOU BET !!

With the massive growth in dogging around the UK and places that list current dogging locations its wonder theirs so many website's online going on about doggers and where to meet them, problem being most if not all of these are doing it for one reason alone - financial gain by trying to get you into premium members sites

Note - All of the photos used on this site are straight from the members profiles, they are real genuine swingers but not necessarily dogging couples and NOT fake model photos.

Pay for dogging information.....want the most current and up to date information...get your wallet out.....well maybe not ;o)

Don't get me wrong I know the world doesn't revolve around love and people have to make money, the thing that does piss me right off ! is most of these sites are offering fake information and the chance of finding any UK doggers at these locations are about a slim as meeting with an alien that wants sex ........although an interesting idea!!

So where do UK dogging contacts meet? well here, well not literally here but within the forums, blogs & chatroom's we have within the members sections, now before you all start shouting that means you have to pay STOP its free!!!

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Free dogging information, why?

How many times have you seen that on a website!! FREE!!! and its not, well the reason we offer free dogging sites information & locations has absolutely nothing to do with us.

The reason is its our members that are providing this and the reason we don't charge to get access to this is we are a swingers website and the prime reason members join is to meet with other swingers, but where theirs horny swingers their doggers as well!!

To give you some idea of the posting and messages within the dogging chatroom's, forums & blogs I've placed some county links on the right where members discuss recent locations they have been using, however one thing to remember this information maybe current when I post it but as we all know dogging locations change constantly so the best place to access the most current is inside the members section and forums used by dogging contacts

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