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Text dogging is not something new where members will text locations or meets but this frustrated text dogging female couldn't wait for her text dogging lover - read her story

I joined the site because not only do I love outdoors sex but I have a sex drive that no single man can match as basically I can have sex and then want it again, again and again. My boyfriends never last long basically because I wear them down ….so went I was told about Swingers Zone I thought I’d give it a go then I was introduced to text dogging

The idea is that I have a few males I meet where I live and if they fancy a quick fuck / blow job or just want to have the pleasure of watching me they send a text message telling me where and when to meet…..it works like a treat. Obviously you have to make the contact first but trust me that’s NOT hard especially when your as horny as me!

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I’d got some very horny dogging texted messages from this guy and they were so erotic that my heightened sexual tension built that I needed to meet. He told me where to meet and like most of the locations I use it wasn’t want you would class as on the dogging map and really the only way to meet with dogging contacts and using text dogging is about the best way to keep one ahead of the plods.

I was out driving and the texts where coming in fast and strong …annoying little sod getting me all aroused and blowing my mind and as I was texting back my nipples were hard and stiff and loved the erotic state that I was getting into whilst driving there. By the time I pulled into the layby I was so worked up and couldn’t wait around, so the idea of a bit of self relief came into mind…

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Looking around there was a car parked up a little way back but couldn’t see anyone in it and after one particular horny text, my knickers were getting wet and something needed doing especially as I was told he was now running  20 minutes late, trust me I’m a women you don’t keep waiting around for 20 minutes when I’ve got knickers that are getting wetter by the moment .

I turned the car engine off and moved the seat so it would tilt right back and almost straight away the zip was pulled down, and my hand was straight into my crotch feeling my swollen hot lips through my now very damp knickers. Another dogging text came in on the mobile and that was it - late another 20 minutes, fuck this.

With one hand pushed down my jeans and the other playing with my nipples I was starting to drift off and massage my hard nipples whilst rubbing my clit in the same time in a circular motion. I was drifting away when I saw this guy looking over and it was pretty clear he was playing with himself so putting the car interior light on it gave him the universal signal that I didn’t mind him walking over and watching and he moved closer. I took a look when he was closer but wasn’t my type, but was happy to let him watch me playing with myself  

He was looking right in and could see my hard nipples clearly through my tshirt and this turned me a lot even though I didn’t fancy him, but I did like the idea a stranger was watching me in a dogging location playing with myself. I was getting so worked up my pussy was desperate for some serious attention so decided to give my little voyeur a real treat and pulling my hand from my tits took hold of my jeans and with a single tug pulled them down to my knees

My knickers were soaked and my fingers slipped inside my knickers and straight inside my soaking puss. I was now not worried about who was watching and where I was as my fingers were sliding in and out and moving my fingers towards my lips was licking the juices off. I knew I was nearing a climax and reading some dogging texts alerts.

By now I had three fingers inside my puss with one fucking me and used the other hand to rub across my throbbing clit. I was groaning out quite loudly and by now my dogging voyeur had gone after cumming and I wasn’t too far behind him bringing  myself to conclusion. Faster and faster I was rubbing my clit and bucking in the seat and I came quite furiously.

The juices was pouring from my puss onto my hand putting my sticky gooey cum all over my thighs and it was then that a car pulled up behind me and recognised it straight away and walking over I opened the door and told him to get between my legs and LICK...

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