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This is my idea of keeping this Derbyshire dogging story posted by a member from Chatsworth, thats tells about his tit wank outdoor meet!!

I move to Derbyshire some months ago and being a bit of a fitness freak within a few days I was out and about running around and checking out all the best places to run but also meet with dogging contacts…as I do enjoy combining a bit of jogging and dogging.

It was a summer’s night, not a cloud in sight and I was jogging through the local park and seeing this rather big women jogging i just knew someone was trying to get in shape. Don’t get me wrong I love bbw women …..Although as a tart I love most women

I soon caught her as she wasn’t doing much of a pace and when I was alongside smiled and said hi and looking over saw what must be the biggest set of tits I’ve seen in a while and it was no wonder this poor women with huge tits was struggling jogging. As she was running they were bouncing up and down and my mind drifted imaging those wrapped around my cock and I jokingly commented that she should get a sports bra before she did herself some damage.

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Well, this started a conversation flowing and she exampled about how she was new to jogging and was struggling and being new asked about the best things to wear, all the time doing my best to look her in the eyes rather than her tits.  I started given her some advice on starting out slow and pacing yourself so not as to have a heart attack and it didn’t take long before we were in full flow on the rights and wrongs of jogging.

She told me her boyfriend had dumped her because of her size, I told her that she looked fine and had a real women’s figure with curves & huge tits ( I just thought the last bit) and she carried on to say that she was much bigger and every bit a bbw women and that she’d lost a good few stone before she even thought about jogging

I commented that she looked good and I wouldn’t loose anymore more weight and her boyfriend must have been crazy dumping her being such a pretty women and joked about the fact that any guy would die to have some fun with her tits and its most mens fantasy, mine included I joked.

She said her boyfriend never showed her much attention and it was clear her was a fucking idiot and she then asked me with a real glint of naughtiness in her eyes “what do guys see in massive tits? For me they just get in the way, whats your fantasy."

Well, as I was here thought sod it worst thing she could think was I was a creep and to fuck off, so I told her that I love it when a big women gets her tits and lets me fuck theme and theres nothing like having your cock between big tit…….not unlike yours.

She laughed saying her boyfriend showed her tits no interest and one of the reasons for loosing weight was to make them hopefully get smaller, it was then I said “no” any guy would die to play with those babies and that more than a handful is NOT a waste and joked that saying if she wanted to let a real massive tit fan at them let me know. It was then she looked over to some woodland and told me to follow her

Once we were well hidden, she pulled tshirt off to reveal amazing massive tits and looking at me told me to fill my boots, so taking them both in hand moved them upwards and started sucking and liking a massive nipple, she responded straight away pulling my head towards hers and kissing me and saying “do you want to fuck my tits” and with that I just smiled and she when down onto her knees and pulled my shorts and wrapped her lips straight around my cock and I started to fuck her mouth.

She was great at oral sex and I was really having to control myself, she then laid on the grass and told me to place my cock between her tits if I wanted a tit wank and you can be sure I didn’t need to be asked twice and knelling down I straddled her chest and placing my cock between them she squeezed her tits tightly around my cock.

I started fucking her tits and she was squeezing them tight around my cock and she was ordering me to fuck her tits and cum all over them and I could feel my cum starting to build up and I was fucking them so hard and fast I came straight over her tits draining all my cum onto her tits, she smiled asking if that was good, too fucking right and with that she ordered me to roll over so she could suck and lick my cock clean

Since that bbw dogging experience I never saw her agian, maybe she got back with her boyfriend, I'll never know, so I joined this swingers site as i'd had my taste for dogging and wanted to try some current Derbyshire dogging locations and hopefully the locals will be able to help - I'll update my dogging blog with more stories so keep an eye out...

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