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Gotta love Dogging stories and this lucky guy meet up with a Devon Dogging couple and by the sounds of things had a good time. his story, then join us

I fucked this guys wife at a Devon dogging location and you know had you said that to me a few months ago I never would have dreamed that guys got so turned on watching there wives getting fucked by other guys

I’ve been into porn and webcams scene for sometime…..heck I’m a single guy and whilst I’m not a cuckold man ( are guys called cuckold men?) myself I’m happy to fuck a guys hotwife or girlfriend. I’m still thinking back what happen last night and what I thought was just going to be a night enjoying some solo action it turned out to be a lot more fun

A friend told me about this location just down the road so I headed off out. Pulling into the carpark I wasn't disappointed as there were already a few cars parked up and one looked quite interesting as they had the tell tale dogging signs with the window open and the interior light on.

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I pulled into the car park and already there was a few cars parked up, parking along side this car I could see a VERY horny looking female ..............

 Parking up quite close I could see inside the car and the female looked pretty hot, short hair and massive tits just my type, question is am I her type and the wink soon gave me the go ahead

I could see them chatting and talking to the guy sat next to her  and he waved me over and walking over I didn't know what was one the cards, maybe oral or if I was very lucky a quick fuck. I’ve had some good meets in the past and once had the pleasure of a couple of sisters, least they claimed that, but either way I had a fucking good night.

Anyway, back to this couple, walking over the couple both got out of the car and the female was fucking horny and it was then the guy said he was looking for Bull (what the frig) to fuck his hotwife, all these fucking terms thankfully he was looking towards me when he said bull and the wife as hotwife so I had a pretty good idea what was on the cards

He further explained he didn't want to get involved and this was strictly for him to watch alone although would be bashing one off whist I did the wicked deed with the wife. I was more than up for this although it was going to be odd knowing that the husband was standing there watching, but what the fuck in for a pound, plus his wife was HOT

"Fancy fucking my wife over the car bonnet “ and with that his wife pulled her skirt up a little showing off a VERY tiny little thong and the thought of bending her over the bonnet was all I needed and I suddenly forgot about the husband wanting to watch. She walked over in a very slutty manor and bent over the car bonnet and I ran my hands over her tight ass.

Pulling her skirt up I got a closer look at her amazing firm ass and that little thong and slowly pulling it down her arse cheeks caught the thong string and tugging it firmly I slowly got my first look at her arse.  She was now fully bent over the car bonnet with her skirt up and thong on the floor and I just had to get my head between her cheeks so that my tong could explore her ass

I ran my tongue right between her ass running around her rosebud and down onto her soaked pussy, fuck was she wet, but my cock was straining to get out and fuck her and looking over towards her husband he was standing there with his cock out slowly wanking off and he seemed very happy just watching, which was fine with me. We’d also attracted a few other guys watching and was getting a little group around us but I wasn’t interested now as I had a hotwife bent over the car with a pussy that was gagging to be fucked.

I got my cock out and coming up behind her she wanted to turn around so she could see her husband so turning her around I grabbed her by the hips and she rapped her legs around me and pulled my straight into her. I was now thrusting her hard and laying back onto the car I was ramming her as hard as I could and she was groaning out so loud I was sure passers by could hear us fucking and it wasn’t long before she came .

Pulling back she told me she wanted to taste me and didn’t think twice about getting down on her knees and took my cock straight down her throat and I’m no 6” guy she took my full shaft with ease, man this bitch is fucking horny and with that gave me one of the best blow jobs I’ve had in a well till I shot my load straight down her throat swallowing every drop.

Her husband had also cum and moving over to him licked the cum from his cock and standing up sorted her clothes out and got in the car. They drove off and when I got home I started looking more into the UK cuckold scene and joined up and started meeting with other couples - its the best...

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