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Whilst this Devon bifem story was sent in by a member the photos below are general swingers contacts from Paignton and surround towns. With the vast amount of swingers contacts we have in Devon finding bisexual, straight contacts is easy as we have so many any by using the link below will give you FREE access to all the members profiles...

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you know my boyfriend would be so gutted if he knew what I was up to now !! after all for years he was going on about me further exploring my bisexual curiosity as we'd often spoke about it funny enough just after watching some bifem porn movie he's got from a mate, but talk was all we every did as my idea of having sex with another women was with him NOT around - enough said I think

As a single girl I was now free to enjoy myself and having wasted years was not going to sit around and think anymore so having looked around the internet found this swingers zone website and joined up with the intention of meeting other Devon Bifems & meet with other young swingers. It all started after I posted this ad

Devon Female swinger looking for contacts. I'm 25 single and not looking for anything other than bifem fun, I will consider a threesome but I'm really only after bi-female contacts if possible around Paignton where I live. I've never had sex with another women and I'm now more than ready to play so drop me a line and lets chat

I really wasn't sure what to post and having looked around the swingers lifestyle blogs could have changed it around a bit but thought what the heck its done and hopefully the photo's that I posted would have the desired effect after all I've never had problems getting male attention so hopefully would have the same effect with bifems

I sat back and put the TV on and opened some wine, but the TV was boring me so went back to the PC and noticed that someone had already replied to my ad, login onto the site I had two replies their the first was some guy !!! DOH!!! thick sod the other from a couple wanting a threesome but she really wasn't my type and I was just about to log off when a message came in from Karen -

She lived in Paignton as well and from reading her message and looking at her pics looked really nice, she'd also just split from her boyfriend and was looking for female company and whilst the same age as me had done a LOT more and up until recently even had a full time girlfriend as well as her boyfriend that used to have threeway sex with , but the girlfriend moved away and the boyfriend was now history.

Whilst chatting away via flirt messages she suggested we meet in the chatroom section so we could carry on talking and once logged in we set a private room up and Karen told me all about her past experiences and it really made me feel like someone that was trying SEX for the first time, but I suppose in a way I was the question is, is Karen going to be the first female to get her head between my legs or better still am I going to have her, and from looking at her photos she sexy as hell and just what I would class my type as, she was 5'7" slim long brown hair and in the photo it was taken down by the beach so she had a bikini on that only just about covered her !! yum

We chatted and chatted and it wasn't long before we both knew just about everything about each other, and I really wanted to meet her, but she was going away for 2 weeks on some training thing for her job, so we've arranged to meet as soon as she gets back

That was last night and I'm so excited about meeting Karen I just wanted to tell others and when we meet I'll post what happens...

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