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Real Dogging photos, see what members get up to!

Ok lets be honest here we all love a bit of dogging in the UK, although saying that after a recent trip to spain I meet up with some spanish swingers that enjoyed dogging as much as us brit's and lets be honest given the choice of dogging in a hot summers night on some Costa Del Sol car park or in a UK wet car park I know what gets my vote!

But beggars can't be choosers and if we didn't have the weather to complain about what else would we moan about!!! ummmm UK car and dogging hot spots / raids come to mind but thats another article

If you want to see REAL dogger's in totally genuine dogging photos then forget these porn sites going around as all they are are staged photo shoots where they have got some porn star to suck of strangers! NOT the real dogger's thats UK housewives, girlfriends and couples that enjoy some outdoor sex!

Swingers members photos

These are members photos pulled from the main swingers members section
the photos shown here cover all age groups but may not actually be into dogging once a member yourself you can narrow down the search for dogging swingers specifically!

Nothing fake, all totally genuine dogging photos!!

Theirs nothing fake here, in fact all you need to do is look at the quality of some of these dogging photos so see that these have been either taken in a hurry whilst the husband watches his wife or some member has used his mobile phone to capture his wife fucking strangers.

As a member you'll have access to thousands of dogging members and there posted photos so you can view them but rather than the edited images used here you'll gain access to un cropped large images and better still you can drop them a line asking for details and perhaps the location of there next dogging trip out

If you do love looking at dogging photos then checking out the dogging forum is always a good place to start as most members will post up photos and be looking to meet with others, so if you want the real deal and not some fake dogging photos check out the few sample images below and don't forget members gain access to much bigger photos

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