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I’d always been adventurous women and if I’m honest my husband DID hold me back as his idea of sex was always about lights out, fuck, sleep and I suppose this was a major factor in us going our own ways because I was FUCKING bored and wanted more

Once all the crap had been sorted and I was living alone I soon started getting my life back on track and one of those involved getting very naughty with males and knew the internet would offer me all I needed and joined Swingers Zone to meet with males or as I was finding a bi curious stage was coming out ……LOL see it doesn’t take much to influence me    

Looking around the site I got this private message from a guy asking if I wanted to meet up …well it was a Wednesday night, TV was shit and it was warm ..yeah I know shocking so we started chatting and as I’d put within my profile that I was interested in dogging meets asked if I wanted to meet now just down the road from me at this dogging location he knew about …fuck panic…but I said yes and headed off out in the car to meet my first Bedfordshire dogging contact…nervous, fuck like hell was I    

He told me to meet him by this layby on the main A600 which I knew well as I lived in Shefford. Pulling into the layby I parked behind him and flashed my lights to let him know and he then pulled away and I followed him in Chicksands wood and paked up in the picnic location…one thing he was right about this place was quite and you could see anyone approaching from a distance   

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Getting out of the cars we walked and it seemed a little odd do I shake his hand ? kiss him, get down onto my knees and suck his cock..the later being my option, but he walked over and kissed me, “OK. Where then? ”  and taking my hand led me over to this picnic table that was in the far corner of the car park. I was a little nervous as it was still quite in the open ….OK give a girl a chance this was my first dogging meet, so he pointed some trees along the perimeter that looked like a much more private spot.

I’d worm something I could slip out easy and standing there slipped the straps off my shoulders and my dress just dropped to the floor. I was standing there in hold ups black of course, thong and matching bra and reaching around unclasped my bra and that dropped to the floor and looking at him in the most slutty way I could I started to tease and play with my nipples which were already very hard just from the drive her let alone the fact I was in some forest and about to fuck a stranger.  

Moving over towards me he pushed his hand into my thong and soon found that I was soaked and started to rub my clit slipping a finger in and out of my pussy making me wetter with each thrust of his finger, at one stage I nearly came but he moved his hand away and undid his jeans and whilst doing this I removed my thong and I was now fully naked outside with juices almost dropping from me I was so worked up. 

Getting his cock out he was clearly all of 8” long, quite thick and fully erect so crouching down I reached out for his cock and started to wank him, slowly stroking his cock and squeezing him till a little clear liquid came out and moving my head closer I pulled his foreskin back and with my tong licked his sticky pre cum then took his cock straight into my mouth.  

Wrapping my lips tight around his cock I started sucking him hard and with my hand I pushed it between my legs and started rubbing my pussy that was now so wet you could hear the slopping sound as my fingers where rubbing my clit and darting in and out. Sucking his cock hard he placed his hands behind my head and started to fuck my mouth and I was bobbing my head up and down allowing him to mouth fuck me.

By now I had three fingers inside my pussy as I continued masturbating getting ready for a fucking and pulling his cock out I looked at him “ don’t you dare cum in my mouth I want you inside me” and with that pulled me up and kissed me passionately  then turning me around. With my hands resting against a tree I opened my legs and felt him coming up behind me and his cock touching my arse and between my legs.

Feeling the tip of his cock against my pussy I pushed back towards him and his cock slipped with ease into my pussy stretching open easily as I took his whole length inside and moaning in pleasure felt my first dogging cock as he rammed his cock hard deep into me then fully outside only to force it straight back and moving his hands around started playing with my tits pinching my nipples and I came moaning out so loud I was only glad no one was around

He then started to fuck me harder and I was loving the raunchy fucking in a public place as I could feel him tensing up and knew he would be cuming soon …..the rest of this story is within the members blog ....join for free and not only read her full story but access loads of Bedfordshire dogging contacts

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