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Like the idea of watching your wife getting fucked outdoors? read up on cuckold dogging scene .....

Want to meet up with cuckold dogging contacts? well as a cuckold husband myself that often posts meets within the forums I can tell you for certain your in the right place to not only meet with dogging cuckold wives but place adverts if your after local contacts

It’s fare to say as Brits we love the dogging scene despite councils and the local plod doing there best to stop it, all that’s happened now is the scene has gone more uncover with couples pre arranging meets with dogging bulls via message boards, forums, chatrooms and contacts sites like this one

With access to thousands of profiles & contacts going right across the UK & indeed Europe it doesn't’t matter where you live you can be sure of accessing local contacts

But just what is Cuckold Dogging?

Unlike dogging where husbands will often get involved the cuckold husband dogging contacts will only ever watch and in some cases depending on the dogging hotwife will not even have any involvement only being there as someone to drive the wife to the location

In some cases this manifest itself to peeping tom husbands or voyeur cuckolds where the husband will drive the wife to the location, park up then hide watching from a distance and spying on his wife dogging.

For many outdoor sex cuckolds this is extremely popular with couples pre arranging meets where the bull will know that the husband is spying on him fucking the wife. For a cuckold husband the idea of spying on his dogging wife is the ultimate turn on with locations being picked carefully so husbands can have a good viewpoint but still be able to enjoy the role of peeping tom husband  

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Free information on cuckold dogging locations.....why?

Because members post this information within the sites to meet with others and likewise help them meet with bulls / males. Whatever type of dogging cuckold you are whether you just want to spy on the wife or are present and watch close up you can be sure of meeting with local contacts via the members section    

With over 2,000,000 members and growing strong and with our fascination with watching our wives getting fucked the cuckold outdoor contacts scene is STRONG and whilst the local authorities think they maybe controlling it all its meant is that now we are smarter and not using the locations they now ..........check out local contacts below

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