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I really didn't think my Bedfordshire hotwife had this in her ......this was our first cuckold sex and the first time she'd dressed me as a women

When I think back about the weekend I still can’t get over what happened and even though at first it was a bit of a shock I’m looking forward to our next meet and wonder just what my wife had planned next……said in a hint of excitement So the weekend was approaching and as we are a bit of party couple that’s party as in going out with friends & dancing in Bedfordshire clubs not swingers clubs….well that used to be the case ……all change now  

Also let me say we both do and enjoy recreational drugs either speed, pills and Viagra…..does that make us bad? Nope just honest anyway back to my story. This weekend was going to be a fun one as I’d got some pills and we were heading to a new club and unbeknown to me my wife Kaz had a special surprise ready for me when we got home, but more on that later.

Kaz was upstairs getting ready which I knew meant one thing along …..SLUT WIFE and fuck does she pull that off well wearing micro mini dresses, tight tops and with her tits (she's not that well built) no bra and if she's really in a naughty playful way knickers …..what knickers

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Tonight was no different and she looked amazing, mini, sexy top, and 6” heels and after a another quick drink we headed off for the night and some naughty teasing fun. The club was a little slow and thankfully we found some friends so we made our own fun so ended up a good night. Its was 2ish and due to having a couple of lines we were both speeding our nutts off and so headed off home…..not before my wife passed me a couple off V’s after all we know what speed does to the little guy…    

Getting home we were both horny as fuck and headed straight upstairs and Kaz vanished into the spare room to slip something sexy on. 10 minuets later she emerged wearing a slutty schoolgirl uniform on, pleated navy blue skirt, little white blouse and ankle socks and looked amazing and all I wanted was to fuck her silly…..WRONG that’s not what she had in mind

Walking over to me she reached onto the floor and pull out some wrist straps and told me to put them on…following her commands she was suddenly acting a lot more dominant and it was nice. Leaving the room she returned with a bowl, shaving form & her razor…..”right I’m pissed of getting hairs down my throat and your going to have a clean shave…..everywhere” with this she put foam all over my cock and balls and shaved them clean, then turned me over and shaved my arse crack  

I assumed that was it but she then shaved ALL of my body making me totally smooth and looking back smiled after removing every hair on my body…..then I had a shock ”right tonight I’m going to turn YOU into a little sissy slut” she said and with this pulled out a bag from under the bed that had stockings, knickers, suspenders and a bra and then started to dress me.

We’d talked in the past about her dressing me as a women but it was more just a bit of fun, clearly she had been waiting for an chance to transform me, but it didn’t end with just stockings & other bits as she pulled out some make up and started  putting make up on me…this was odd, but I was also getting very horny with my wife having full control and doing just what she wanted

Once completely made up she looked at me “now who’s a pretty little sissy husband now” and with that walked out of the and headed downstairs. From the bedroom I could just about make out her on the phone …at 3am !!. Returning back to the room she said nothing about the phone call and started teasing and playing with me and I was just starting to get into the flow when I heard a car pull up outside the house, then the front door bell …….with this Kaz then placed a blindfold on me and left the bedroom to open the front door  

On the bed I could hear her talking and then footsteps on the stairs and into the bedroom. After a minute or so Kaz says to me “want to see your little surprise” and with that the blindfold was removed and after focusing in saw this guy standing there naked. “don’t worry he’s not here to fuck you, although” looking over to him “ your don’t want to fuck us both do you” and with that he laughed “he’s not my type”

Looking back over to me……” you’re my sissy cuckold husband tonight and your going to be a good little hubby and watch me getting fucked silly” and with his my wife fucked this guy every way over the next two hours all the time with me tied to the bed helpless to do anything even wank off

The next day she told me that she’d joined a swingers website and planned this evening ………did I enjoy it, too fucking right I did and since then I've been reading up on what a sissy cuckold husband is and I wonder what my new hotwife has planned for me next

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