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When it comes to a single group of contacts that have gained most by swingers & contacts website's Bi males are one group thats not only benefited most but probably one of the most prolific users of forums & message boards

Over recent years more bisexual males have joined up than any other bi group including bisexual females but it does seem most women are bi!.

Now times are changing and males that are either bi curious or bisexual are joining and looking for meets with males or couples where the husband is bi and the wife knows

As a bisexual husband myself before contacts website's I was left to using the gay cottaging locations and whilst the idea of sex with a stranger in some cottage does have its appeal it also brings with it a lot of risks from getting caught by the police

BiMales finding contacts online rather than cottaging

By using a contacts website you can not only read profiles from contacts going right across the UK or Europe but arrange far more safer meets than sucking some guy off through a glory hole at a public toilet, assuming there are any gloryholes still in use that is !!

By chatting online you can find out the limits and if the other guy is attached and perhaps not out with his female partner arrange a far safer place to meet up, after all we know the police love embarrassing bi guys when caught having sex find somewhere private

One of the things thats happening within dogging scene is members are pre arranging outdoor sex in more private non dogging locations but still enjoying the outdoor sex, this is what bi male contacts are also doing and I'm sure you can think of nice private locations for some outdoor sex

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Finding Bimale contacts is EASY............

It really takes no effect to search out sex contacts placed by bisexual males or even couples that have a bi husband and it just a case of using the advanced search and tick bisexual contacts !! its really that easy

One thing you will be surprised over is just how many adverts we have placed by guys looking to meet with other males for anything from just oral sex or anal depending on your sexual limits, but least by reading personals you can see straight away how far someone wants to go

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However the link will show all members but once you've joined for FREE you can search by member type so just displaying bisexual males adverts. Join us today and start meeting up with other guys around the UK...

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