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Dorset bi male cottaging story - First time rimming a gay guy outdoors

As most bi or gay males about cottaging meets and the vast bulk will agree its about oral sex only either because the guy your meeting with is only orally bisexual or the location isn't safe enough to get on with anything more than just a quick BJ

Which is the reason some bi or gay guys turn towards contacts website's so that they can try more risky things without the worry of getting caught by the Dorset cottaging police, which is always a worry, after all its easy and fast to pack your cock away, but if your in the middle of fucking some guy its not quite easy to pack up and walk in separate directions

Studland cottaging a great location...........!!

Finding places where you can meet with Dorset gay guys for some outdoor sex is always a bit hit and miss which is why using the forums is one of the best places to head towards and thats just why this member joined up and by the sounds of things had a LOT of fun this story below

posted below are some sample profile photos posted by bi / gay Dorset guys that are looking for casual sex meets with local contacts - The images have been cropped to protect members IDs, but by using the link below you can view ALL profiles and even check out some small member photos

One point the Dorset male adverts will display ALL personals not just bisexual males or gay guys but once a member you can refine the search and as basic membership is FREE it won't you anything to meet with local contacts . Details on Free & paid memberships here

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The above photos are pulled directly from the member section showing current gay members but are not necessarily cottaging contacts

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I've been orally bisexual for sometime only sucking guys off around Dorset cottaging locations and a few dogging meets but I've wanted to try more and most of the guys you meet at cottaging locations tend to be guys that just want a quick blow job as the wife won't do it, then leave

So I turned to the contacts website's to meet with Dorset Gay / Bi males and soon found a sites and submitted a profile advert. I posted that I was after outdoor / Dorset Cottaging meets as I do get VERY turned on about sex outdoors and even if a member had a place to meet I think I would prefer meeting up outdoors, maybe its just a trust issue of walking to some strangers house

Ian contacted me as he was gay and was more than happy to meet and told me about a gay cottaging location called Studland Beach as you could meet in the dunes and have fun with little interruption from police and idiots the only thing was a lot of dogging couples used it but I didn't see that as a problem as I used to having sex with others around

We exchanged emails and determined on a meet, I got to the beach and we soon found the location and walked off putting a beach blanket on the sand we sat down and started making chit chat but it was clear we both wanted sex, so I leaned towards Ian and whispered, “would you like a Blow Job?” “thats why we are here" so Ian pulled his shorts off and lowered my face onto his cock

I started greedily sucking his cock pushing my tong inside his cock then pulling back the foreskin to lick his sensitive head, he was already hard but he seemed to grow even larger and his taste was delicious, but I wanted his arse as I'd dreamed of rimming a guy out and maybe even fucking a guy!!!

I was sucking away and then my fingers crept under his arse and started rubbing it up and down and then slowed right down over his arse hole and I let my finger play and tease Ian, doing this clearly sent him to another level as his grown's was getting louder and I was glad we were far away from the road and any others. He pushed down onto my finger and eased a finger deep inside him.

My finger massaged and pushed deeper inside and then moving up asked if he wanted my tong inside his arse and with this he pushed me back and lowered himself over my face. I started to kiss and lick his but couldn't get close enough to push my tong too deep inside him so we adjusted position and this gave me just what I wanted and sat back onto my face.

He smelt & tasted amazing and pulling his cheeks further apart I was able to push my tongue deep and just wished it was longer so that I could get really deeper inside him and sealed my lips against him and sucked on his hole, he sat aside my face for ages giving me the reward by letting me shove my tong inside him but I didn't care he been sat stride my face for a long time as I wanted to pleasure him.

Eventually he moved and laying in a 69 position we started sucking and I couldn't resist pushing my finger back into Ian and he returned by doing the same as we both sucked each other and fingered each other, I then tried to push two fingers inside him but he looked towards me telling me to use some lube and passed it over and whilst putting some lube onto my fingers he asked if I wanted him to put a rubber on me, looking surprised he said" well you are going to fuck me aren't you, after rimming me out so well I need your cock inside me"

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