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Hi thanks for reading my first blog – First a little about me, I’m a Cheshire Bimale and only recently joined this contacts site as I was finding the last one a bit dull, well it wasn’t dull just more so featureless ( is that a word?) so looked around and joined up to Swingers zone as I liked the free blogs & forums, ok that’s the free advertising done for the site……..LOL

I’ve been bisexual male for about as long as I can remember and over the years I’ve probably had more sex with females than males as I’ve really only in the last couple of years been using Bi contacts websites to meet with guys and as I don’t take risks and use cottaging locations meeting with bi males was hard going, but the internet has thankfully taken that all away

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Since using bi contacts sites I’ve had some interesting encounters, most pretty successful a few, well lets not get negative here.I recently had a bisexual experience that was defiantly up there with my best meets the it was a threesome with a couple and I only meet with couples where the male / husband is bisexual we all had some amazing sex.

I’d been a member for a couple of weeks and had a few meets and one night logged in and meet up in the chatroom with Paul & Jane a couple from Cheshire, they had already looked at my personals advert and photos ( something I find annoying why don’t all members put photos up , just silly ..rant over) and asked if I fancied meeting with the intension of a mmf threesome

Jane asked if I fancied coming over so a night was arranged. I’d already looked at the profile so knew what they both looked like and when meeting them in “real life” was instantly attracted to both of and whilst I wouldn’t say I have a particular type for women when meeting guys I’m not really into the effeminate males, you know the really camp guys, I suppose its because I’m bi rather than gay, although I think the really effeminate attract there own type of gay guys

They had a nice place and straight away made me feel very welcome offering me a beer, but we all knew why I was there and I was gagging to see what was under Janes dress and inside Pauls pants as I could just about see an outline of a bit of a limp dick…I’ll soon do something about that and have it rock hard and maybe even inside me

Jane walked over and straight away kissed and looking over Paul was watching so I got on with having some fun and let my hand run over Janes body that was extremely fit as in slim and firm and with my hands over her massive tits I stopped there to  squeeze her tits and play with her nipples and pulling at her top I pulled it over her head to expose these amazing tits that I’d seen in the photos and FUCK they were better in real life

Jane had a white lacy bra which looked really classy but in a sexy way and then Paul came over and undid Janes skirt whilst I use busy enjoying sucking on her tits but I could see that she had matching knickers & even better stockings as I love seeing a women with matching bra & knickers but finished with suspenders and stockings yum.

Paul moved closer to me and pulling his head towards me I gave him a kiss, I know some bi guys are not into kissing other guys but if I’m going to be sucking his cock does it really matter if I kiss him and we kissed fully until Jane suggested we headed towards the bedroom and thankfully by now Pauls cock was hard and forming a very healthy bulge in his jeans and I wanted than

Once in the bedroom we all stripped and Paul was now sucking on Janes massive tits and knelling down in front of Paul started licking the end of his cock that made his dick jump and taking him right into my mouth I started to suck him hard waiting to get a little pre cum as I love the taste of a guy for the first time and I was soon rewarded with a little pre cum

Pauls body was firm and he was well toned but his cock was sweet as anything I’d sucked before and thankfully shaven. Getting onto the Jane moved down and started licking and sucking my cock and running her lips over my cock and then I felt Pauls hands around my thighs as he started sucking my balls and I was in fucking heaven with Jane sucking my cock and Paul working my balls it was all I could do to hold myself back as there was no way I was going to cum …..yet

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