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Free Warrington Dogging Story Cheshire Couple - Part 1

This Cheshire dogging story was sent in by a member after they joined up to find current locations and by looks of things not only did they meet with some horny dogging contact they will be returning for more this story and better still join us

Cathy turned and looked at her husband. He was a good-looking bloke with chiseled features and short, sand coloured hair. She had made him drive them to the remote location; she had never been good with directions! Unable to believe they were actually doing this, bubbles rose in her stomach, the thrill of doing something so kinky and taboo was already causing a certain dampness in her knickers.

 They were nearly there and Derek, her husband, could also feel the nervous excitement building. His own arousal equally evident beneath the steering wheel. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his wife checking him out. There was something about her that was particularly hot tonight. She’d pulled her long chestnut hair into a pony, leaving her fringe to frame her big amber eyes. He couldn’t wait to get there and he thanked heaven for automatic cars as he brushed his hand up her leg.

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“Why don’t we get started now?” he suggested. Cathy looked confused, her brow furrowing endearingly, “What do you mean?” “ could slip your top over your shoulder and show me one of those pert little tits of yours?” His hand was now under her skirt and between her legs, caressing her through her knickers. She didn’t take much convincing and soon one tanned breast was exposed, nipple erect and begging to be sucked. Derek felt under her knickers to her already dripping pussy. Sliding a finger into her and hearing the soft moan that escaped her lips nearly caused him to crash the car, the bulge between his leg not helping to keep him focussed.

Finally they were there. A couple of other cars were already parked up, interior lights left on. They had found the location on a website that was aimed at couples looking to enhance their sex lives. Dogging was something that excited both of them but that they’d been cautious of trying. Knowing other couples were there and the subsequent possibility of being seen, added more spice to the situation. A situation that was already titillating due to it’s illegal nature.

Turning off the engine, Derek turned to his wife and kissed her. With their lips interlocked Cathy reached down and unzipped her husband’s jeans. Breaking away from him she whispered: “Let’s warm up before we leave the car.” She flicked the inside light on, creating a movie screen in the dark for anyone who cared to look, then, releasing his stiff cock from it’s material prison she bent down and took it in her mouth.

First she let it deep into her throat and sucked. A groan escaped Derek. Fuck she was good at it. He laid his head back and let the pleasure wash over him. Once she could feel him getting close to the edge Cathy stopped and instead circled her tongue around the head, already salty with precum.

Looking up, she caught his eyes for a second and then kissed him, her mouth desperate with desire. “Let’s get out babe. I think I need to do very naughty things to you before I explode!” His words sent tingles of excitement to her pussy and she could feel that her knickers were now completely soaked. Derek winked at her, his deep blue eyes sparkling. Opening the doors they stepped out into the cool spring air.

Cathy could see movement ahead and she pointed it out to Derek. As their eyes adjusted they could make out the silhouettes of what looked like a middle aged couple going at it like teenagers. Not being able to see details, the slight mystery, just made it all that much hotter and Derek grabbed his wife and pushed her onto the bonnet of the car.

Hitching up her skirt he buried his face between her legs and tore her underwear off with his teeth. He flicked her clit with his tongue as he reached a hand under her top and grabbed at her breasts in lust. She had decided not to wear a bra for ease and she was glad of that decision as she felt his fingers tweak her nipples, their sensitivity already heightened. Moaning, she was aware that anyone in the vicinity could hear her and that only made her louder.

Suddenly she tensed up, back arched against the cold metal of the car and her orgasm tore through her in waves of delicious pleasure. When she got her breath back she slid off the car and took her husband’s hand, leading him away from the car and into the undergrowth.

They could hear panting and a woman murmuring ‘more’. It provided an erotic sound scape for their own encounter. In a flash Derek got hold of his wife, picked her up and pushed her against a tree. She wrapped her legs around his waist and with his free hand Derek pulled his jeans over his muscly arse and maneuvered his cock till it was pressing against her opening. Slowly he entered her. She was still incredibly tight at 30 and he took care not to hurt her. Once he was in however, it was a different story and he slid her up and down on his dick, pushing himself deep inside her.

Cathy couldn’t believe the added excitement that fucking in public brought. They would definitely be doing it again. She gasped as Derek hit her g-spot and dug her nails into his shoulders as the ecstasy began to build once again. All too soon he stopped and put her down.“Bend over.” He growled. She loved it when he got a little forceful.

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