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I fucked my wife at a Cheshire car park whilst guys around watched, not only did she love it letting others watch but we are returning again - Part 2 (first part here)

Doing as she was told she bent over, pushing her round arse into the air and parting her legs. Derek could see the wetness on the inside of her thighs and he wasted no time in entering her. He thrust, hard and fast, pounding her with all of his energy.

She was virtually crying out, her tits bouncing beneath her. He reached a hand under her and rubbed her clit. There was a crunch underfoot and it was clear that they had some form of audience, but they were both too wrapped up in the moment to care. If anything it spurred them on, Derek’s taut leg muscles supporting him as he rammed into his wife.

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“Harder,” Cathy cried out. She was dripping with sweat despite the breeze. They hadn’t fucked like this for months. Derek was giving it all he had, his balls were slapping against his wife’s butt cheeks and he was holding her curvy hips for control. Wanting to make it last a bit longer he slowed down, teasing her. He played with her clit, then stopped, all the while decreasing the speed and depth with which he thrust. Cathy was pushing back onto him, trying to force him to give her what she wanted, but the control was just turning her husband on even more.

“Beg me.” He ordered. The crunching sound nearby had stopped and instead high pitched moans were filling the air, indicating that whoever had been spying had given in to their own carnal desires. “Please,” Cathy begged, “please fuck me hard.” “Is that the best you can do? Don’t you want to cum?” She tried again. “Please fuck me. Let me cum on your big, hard cock. Please!” “That’s better. Now, tell me not to stop.”

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He let rip and she gasped out ‘don’t stop’ as he slammed into her again and again. All of a sudden she was cumming, her pussy squeezing her husband’s cock and her legs shaking as she once again experienced the delirious pleasure. A few more thrusts and Derek knew he too was on the edge.

The sound and feel of his wife’s orgasm had taken him to the point of no return and he pulled out, moved in front of her and then, holding her head up he tugged his dick until he shot his load all over her face.

Catching their breath they hugged and once Cathy had wiped the cum off her face they kissed. They had actually done it and it had exceeded both their expectations. Walking back to the car they could still hear other couple’s going at it.“Funny that we’ve just been yards from them shagging but we don’t have a clue who they are!” Cathy observed. Derek looked at his wife and grinned, “Yeah but that’s the best way isn’t it? Our minds filled in the blanks!”

Driving away they both smiled to themselves, urges satisfied, clothes damp and hair sticking to their faces. As they pulled out onto the main road they heard police sirens. Two squad cars sped past them, back down the road they had just left. They looked at one another and burst out laughing. “We could have got busted if we’d been any longer!” Cathy giggled, feeling like a naughty schoolgirl again.“Well we weren’t exactly going to wait around for the police to ‘cum’,” Derek replied, winking...

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