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Hampshire bimale dogging story - Gay guy raped "role playing" cottaging !!!

Its only when you read members stories you get an true insight into some of the fantasies members have and this story was sent in by a Hampshire bi guy that gives you a pretty good insight into just what he would like to happen.. As a bisexual male myself the idea of being raped at some Hampshire dogging location is extremely erotic and whilst some stories leave thinking "maybe" one day if I had the opportunity I'd love to have 3 guys fucking me although protest would be expected!!! something this member doesn't seem to concern himself over.......but its only a fantasy, or is it!!

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hampshire bi cottaging rape - Stories by county Uk

I’d been out with some friends and on route home I took shortcut through the local park that was pretty dark and a heavy wooded walkway when half way down the path saw 3 guys walking towards me. The question do I turn and run or ignore my concerns as its probably just some guys taking a short cut through the woods, WRONG walking past one reached out grabbing me and pulled me into the over growth.

One guy placed his hand over my mouth can dragged me further into the dark part of park, then they started pulling my trousers off followed by ripping my underpants off and whilst I couldn’t see them heard one saying something about “rape fucking this guy”.

Pushing me onto the ground they grabbed hold on my legs pinning me down and they placed tape over my mouth and taped my hands and knew then I was going to get rapped by 3 guys, little did they know I was almost cumming thinking about what they were going to do!

One of them pulled my cheeks apart and pushed two fingers deep into my arse and my only saving grace was the lube that was being pushed into my arse with his fingers. With my face facing towards the ground I felt a guy coming up behind me and slip his cock straight into my arse and the first fuck begins, really hard!!! At first I was struggling but then gave into it and let my self have some dirty fun with these guys.

They soon realised I was enjoy being dogging raped by them as they sat me up and looking towards me ask “you're loving this aren’t you slut” with that I nodded ” fancy sucking my cock whilst my friend fucks your sweet little ass” and without saying a word I nodded in response was YES!

The guy then carried on fucking my arse, thrusting deep into me and I could feel his balls bashing against mine as he fucked me so hard and by now I new I’d already cum once and my cock was getting hard again. The guy that was fucking my mouth had also cum BUCKET loads I’ve never had some much cum in one shot and whilst swallowing it down almost felt like I was taking mouthfuls of cum from a glass let alone a single guys cum load

Then I get pulled onto my feet and now the only guy that’s not fucked me now cums behind me and pushes the biggest cock I’ve ever had into my arse and you can be sure I’ve taken some pretty big cocks, its really tight and hurts with him pushing it but I don’t care as I’m being fucked silly and my arse is stretched wide open he’s fucking me so hard and fast and I’m sure he loves the idea that’s he’s raping a gay guy so much that his I know he’s going to cum and in anticipation I make my arse grip tight as he fills me.

Eventually they walk away and laying on my back with cum all over me I wank like crazy...

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