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I found a Notts Cottaging location, but would I have the balls to do something about & suck my first cock!

This story was posted within a Nottinghamshire bi male profile after he joined the site to meet with other males. Whilst using cottaging locations is one way to try same sex meets personally I prefer the comfort of some guys house, its a great story so read it and join us today to meet with other Nottingham Bi Males

Finding local Notts cottaging locations was easy - would I suck my first cock THAT was another thing, read on

Its one of those things I’ve been thinking about for a while, that’s sex with another man, in fact when I was with my girlfriend I was often wondering just what it was like as she was sucking my cock, the feeling of my cock inside and more so when I came inside her mouth, when we finished I knew I needed to do something about it

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It didn’t take much looking around before I found information online about local Nottinghamshire cottaging locations and so headed out late one night. Parking up the car park was dark and at first thought to myself this was just way too risky and what about the gay bashing that I heard going on at some locations, but by now the little head was taking over the big head and I had a massive hard on waiting for some action, then a car pulled into the car park.

I could just about make out this male getting out of a car and locking his car and walked over to the toilet, now the question was, was he there to use the loo or after some cottaging action….I waited. Watching my watch the seconds were ticking by and after 10 minutes decided to walk over.

Inside the toilet there was no one standing at the urinals and looking over towards the cubicle saw the last door was shut so walked over and once by the cubicle noticed it was open slightly so pushing the door saw this guy sat down with his trousers down and a clear bulge in underpants

Walking in I pushed the door behind me, but the guy said “no, if we hear someone you can walk out leaving me in hear” makes sense I suppose so I opened the door wider. Looking back at his underpants his cock had now grown and I moved my hand towards his dick and with a nail trace the outline of his cock through his underpants slowly tracing the outline of his cock. 

Moving my hand to the waist band I tugged them down a little and with my free  hand I pushed it inside reaching for his cock. It felt odd touching another mans cock, but in a nice way the warm feeling of his cock throbbing in my hand and feeling his foreskin and then moving down his cock and finding his full balls, he was quite hairy as I was shaved as I loved the feeling of not having any pubic hair

I then pulled his underpants right off and exposed his full erect cock  and looking at him he was probably a little bigger than me.  Moving my hand to the top of his dick I slowly pulled the foreskin back exposing his head and started to slowly masturbate him and looking up towards him I could see if was loving it

I rubber his cock faster and he let out a quite moan making sure that no one could hear and as I was no knelt in front of him he reached out and placing his hand onto my head gently pulled my head towards his cock. I open my mouth and at first only took the head into my mouth, I had an idea what it would be like as I bought a realistic dildo and tried sucking that along with some other play just to make sure I wasn’t going to get some shock and run out of the toilet looking like some twat. I then started taking more of his cock inside until it filed my mouth and then slowly begin to use my tongue, whilst slowly masturbating him off. 

Moving my tongue around and wanking him off I basically did exactly what I loved having done to me and flicking my tongue underside his cock and started wanking him even faster with longer strokes. My head was now going up and down much faster as he was now fucking my head hard pushing his cock further down, sometimes making me gag a little other times it was fine.

I knew he was going to cum soon and as I’d already taking into consideration if I was going to let him cum in my mouth or he made a grunting sound and his spunk filled my mouth and sucking harder his cock twitched again and pumped out some more  cum and swallowing it all back I sucked on him till his cock started to go limp.

Standing up he pulled his underpants and trousers up and leaves me in the cubicle and before fully walking out turns around and thanks me, sitting back onto the cubicle I was sorting myself to leave when someone else walks into the next cubicle and passes a note under the door “what are you into” - passing it back I wrote "anal sex"...

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