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Lets be honest here the Manchester Gay scene is probably as strong as Brighton with more clubs, bars & venues than many other cities around the UK

But not everyone is "out" and for that reason a lot of Manchester gay guys and indeed bisexual males turn towards contacts sites to meet with local Mancunian gay Mancunian the right term to use? something I'll have to look into

Either way whether your gay, bi or just very curious and live around Manchester not only can we help you meet with guys but you'll have access to loads of cottaging locations and from reading this members story from Aston under Lyne he's making the most of the free information thats within the forums, message boards & gay chatroom's

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To give you some idea and a bit of a taster I've added some random images directly from profiles within the members section and YES I do like a guy in a uniform ........who doesn't ;o) Not only will you have access to profiles but direct contacts details

Enjoy this Manchester cottaging story and as a members even a free one you'll have access to loads more stories sent by gay & bi males and even better after reading the stories you can send a message back asking to meet


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Cottaging night of sex in Ashton under Lyne - gay stories by county

Another successful meet .........I love the manchester cottaging scene as sex outside is sooooo naughty, but nice ;o). Today was a good result I'd pre arranged online to meet with this guy in a cottaging location in Ashton under Lyne ( Park Bridge the car park on Oldham Road ) but when we got there there was way too much going on so headed to Portland basin to duckinfield woods as we knew that would be more private and found a secluded place

After some groping and playing with his VWE cock I pulled his shorts off so that I could enjoy myself better and get my mouth onto his cock as other than getting a good fucking what guy doesn't love sucking on a massive cock, yummm he was delicious and I could have sucked and wanked him off for hours, but we were disturbed and saw another guy watching us

I asked if he wanted to join us and walking over stood behind the first guy and carried on sucking the guy and now playing with the other guys cock at the same time, it was then the guy asked if I wanted to suck them both off!!! I'd never tried that but being a tart agreed, fuck this was really turning out to being a good meet

After a few minutes of sucking both off, which I have to say whilst interesting not the best experience I've had so when one pulled out I was more than happy to return me sucking my original cock as I was sucking him I moved my hand onto his firm bottom and started to tease his ass with my finger and could tell I was going to get my reward as he came into my mouth with one massive delicious cum load

He zipped up and left shortly afterwards still leaving me with his cum taste in my mouth, turning back to the other guy he told me he was about to cum and not wanting to waste his load moved in quickly and as he came got a very tasty load !! zipping up he told me about another part of the forest if I wanted more and moving over soon was introduced to another guy and was soon on my knees sucking him ( fuck what a night 3 cocks yummm )

After a sucking and a tasty load but no where near as much as the other guys but as he came he thrust his cock deep down my throat almost gagging me and he held it in place as he came straight down my throat and it was pretty clear he wanted to cum & run and maybe a straight guy just needing a blow job, but do I care .....nope I got what I wanted

The weather looked like to was going to piss down and whilst I'd still not had the pleasure of someone fucking my ass knew if I didn't leave I was going to get soaked and not in cum this time so I returned to Oldham Road car park just on route home. I saw a car parked so pulled along side and it was clear he was extremely shy but he got out and walked to the car and looking into the car saw my erect cock out and I soon had my dick in his mouth fucking him. It was a little annoying as he kept stopping and was clear he was nervous so I knew I'd have to cum quickly so gave him the cum load he wanted and the guy almost ran away afterwards

One thing you can be sure of next time I'm going to get fucked and I've already told the guy about another meet and this time BRING a rubber ........he's more than happy

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