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I logged onto the forum and arranged to meet him at a Manchester city carpark for daytime sex - Fucking in such a public will be horny

You really gotta love these dogging forums, Yes I'm new to all these wonderful features you can get on contacts websites and being a bit of silver surfer still playing catch up, but I'm learning fast and thanks to my Manchester dogging pal now login most days to check out whats going on either in the dogging section or instant meets

Anyway's my little recent outing where I had sex in a coach during the daytime ......going on a coach will never be the same again

Daytime sex in Manchester public car park, riding on a coach will never be the same again

I'd logged onto the site and saw a guy posting about meeting up "NOW" for some fun as he was parked up in a popular manchester tourist location as he'd just dropped a load of people off and was sitting around bored in his coach and looking for some sex in his coach - now thats an offer I couldn't refuse ....

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I was due an extended lunch from work, but little did they know what I had planned so sent my coach driver (Ben) a message back and he told me which coach and parking slot that he would be and would have the curtains closed on the coach waiting....oh an an added bonus he was hung like a frigging donkey

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It was handy as I work in the city centre and he was just visiting a tourist location and whilst I'd been there myself before and even seen the coaches parked up I never dreamed of fucking a guy in there even more so during the daytime with other people walking around the carpark - exciting!

I left the office for me risque meet with Ben in a car-park and I was a bit nervous, but I joined the site to meet with guys so was going to have fun. I walked into the carpark and looked for the slot that he said the coach was parked at and sure as frig it was there with the curtains pulled closed.

Walking onto the coach Ben introduced himself to me and we chatted about dogging and meeting up with people via the forum and agreed it was about the best way, but neither of us were there to talk and I only had an hour, plus his tourist would be heading back soon. I could see the naughty glint in his eyes and before long I was at the rear of the coach with my legs in the air so Ben could have me.

Ben was being so nice, stroking my wet pussy through my knickers and it was clear he was an expert at teasing women and my knickers were getting soaking wet with my juices and he had a great touch, firm but he knew just where to be gentle!

Although the curtains were pulled closed I could clearly see people walking around and getting on and off other coaches and being lunch time it was getting extremely busy with cars going past us and it was totally weird, the fact that I was having sex in the public during the daytime and people walking around outside could tell just what was goin on in the coach or could they? , but FUCK did it make me horny and I could see the real turn on to sex in risky public places

I wanted Ben's tongue, fingers or cock inside me so I pulled my knickers down putting them into my bag (don't want to forget those) and with my pussy unveiled he now had a chance to prove his skills on my clit and sat back on the back seat and his tongue soon hit right onto my clit, Mmmmmmmmmmmm amazing!! Whilst he was licking and teasing my clit my nipples were hardening inside my blouse and FUCK was he good

Moving around I wanted to give him better access to my pussy and I was a tad bit squashed on the back seat, so lifting my legs up I was able to place them over the seats in front of me, this gave him full access and thankfully the world could see my pussy had it not been for those closed curtains. With my legs wide open my coach driver was licking and sucking my clit and enjoying my shaven pussy

I didn't take long before I came as he was such a good pussy licker but I wanted his massive cock inside me and we were both aware of the time and didn't really want to be fucking in the coach when the passengers returned. He'd posted some photos of his cock within the forum and trust me it was every bit as big as it looked and I wasn't disappointed!

He pushed his cock into my pussy and filled me straight away with waves of pleasure and started giving me a serious fucking, the sun was pouring in through the window and we were both sweating like crazy and then I was rewarded when he came inside me filling my with his cum that when he pulled his cock out afterwards ran down my legs

I couldn't hang around as already my lunch break was running over so putting my soaked knickers back on I got off the coach and waking past other people just walking around the coaches felt so horny knowing that I'd just fucked a guy during the daytime in public - will HAVE to try this again...

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