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Understanding when a couple are dogging in a car park - the basics of dogging etiquette

Thinking about trying the UK dogging scene but not sure how to tell if couples that are parked in car parks are actually there dogging or just parked up! or basically just how do you attract the attention of dogging and know they are looking for meets!!

When you think about it its a fare question and one that I often see within the dogging forums where couples and single dogging contacts want advice on just how do you tell if people are dogging or not and "whats the dogging etiquette"

Whilst I would say there are any rules on dogging etiquette there whats classed as a few basic signs & indications that a couple are looking to meet with either other couples or males

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Dogging etiquette & information:

There are a few basic tips and these should certainly get you started and help you meet up with couples that are dogging around the UK. After you find a safe place to meet ( see dogging forums ) these are the main things to look for when looking to see if couples are dogging in car parks

  • Most couples when pulling into a car park will turn and leave on there interior lights. This often means that they are looking for voyeur dogging sex in other words other couples watch them rather than getting involved.
  • When parked up try flashing brake lights and or lights at other cars or passers-by, this is a bit of a brash way to attract dogging contacts where as most will just open doors / windows
  • Wind down the cars windows / either side this tends to indicate oral dogging sex is on offer and will attract onlookers
  • Opening the real or passenger door is an open invitation for sex and more often or not the wife will be naked or sat in the car with no knickers ready for sex
  • Dogging sex / parks / county parks. With more councils locking public car parks / toilets a lot of people are pre arranging meeting in public / national parks in which case taking a small torch / flashlight will help so that you can flash this to other couples

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