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Find Reviews on Swingers Clubs around the UK & European Swinging venues

Want to find reviews on Swingers Clubs ? looking to find quality commercial run swinging venues, in that case we can help with the millions of members we have that often use & review clubs for us

Even if you have been swinging for a little while going to a swingers club can be a daunting experience, even more so if it will be your very first experience of swinging.

Like any club or social event in 'normal' life some are open and welcoming and others can be, well a bit cliquey although not unfriendly so finding a good swinging venue can be a bit hit and miss, well not anymore .

Swingers clubs can be a fabulous way to gain complete sexual freedom not to mention meet new friends

Never used a swingers club before?

Remember you are going to a swingers club not the local nightclub so your dress should be relevant to the type of club it is - check this out in advance, ring the club if necessary to get their advice, the last thing you want to do is turn up and look out of place!

Let the hosts know you are new to swinging when you get there, most hosts will be friendly and show you around. If you want to just be voyeurs for the evening then make sure you keep your distance, without appearing unfriendly, but maybe chat with others in the chill out areas - most clubs will have at least one area for more social encounters.

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"Don't be pressured into anything, all clubbers should be aware of the swingers rules and no means no"

Members Only & Single Guys!

Many of the clubs are members only and for some this just means providing identification before your first visit, some you can join online and some that are very exclusive you have to be referred by existing members to get membership, although with most you just pay on entry if you are a couple.

As for single guys, well that really does depend on the club and the event they are holding, some will limit numbers for each evening, some will vet all males before allowing them in whilst some clubs only admit couples and single females - who in most cases are welcome at all clubs and are often admitted free.

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