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Finding Crossdressing dogging Contacts made easy with Swingers Zone!

Lets be honest when it comes to dogging the trannies have it as being the most prolific group with the members that enjoy outdoors sex! - maybe this is due to many crossdressers being married so often the only places for them to meet with admirers is the dogging locations, but either way its a fact Dogging Crossdressers are a far bigger group

Being a dogging crossdresser does come with its problems those often being that to enjoy the scene you really need to first be happy about going out dressed or as a lot of members tend to do is use a large over coat and have a sexy set of french knickers & stockings on under it

But what many dogging transvestites are doing now is turning towards the forums to find dogging locations rather than just turning up at some dead car park where the doggers have long moved on, in a nutshell crossdress dogging has evolved into something far more in time with the current information found online

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Why use forums?

For years when it came to meeting up with dogging trannies it was a case of driving to some dark car park and waiting around and if your anything like me waiting is something I don't do well !!!

Then when contacts website's came about and forums it was the dogging crossdress members that started using the forums to pre arrange meets with admirers or other crossdress members with other members following on as they saw just how efficient a way of meeting with dogging members was by using the forums

Now the dogging section within the members area is probably one of the busiest sections with members both straight & crossdressers posting details of dogging locations and private meets they are arranging and when you consider some of the idiots spoiling the UK dogging locations by using a forum you can make an arrangement to meet with a crossdress in ANY park, car park, industrial estate or public toilet

No longer are dogging tranny members held over that they can only meet in well known public dogging locations that probably everyone local including the twating police know off, now you can arrange meets with crossdressers for outdoor sex without the worry of someone catching you, assuming you pic a safe place to meet

Transvestite dogging pics


Dogging crossdresser photos!

lets be honest your going to struggle to find ANY crossdress dogger that will be happy for you to take photos whilst your fucking or having a blow job, so posted above are a few photos from members profiles where they are looking for outdoor sex meets, some show the crossdresser in action others just posing outdoors in some sexy little number.

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Find dogging trannies using the forums and member search is easy, finding a safe dogging location takes a little more planning...........Dogging is the only way to have sex with a crossdresser, you just have to play safe when arranging the locations you want to meet