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Hampshire Crossdressing Cottaging !!!

Hampshire Crossdresser tells us about gloryhole sex! - you know until I read this story I really thought glory holes were just used by gay guys, but thinking about it why can't hampshire Transvestites take advantage of a hole in the wall and suck some strangers cock off !!!

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Crossdressing & living in Hampshire then read on

Having lived in Gosport for many years I can tell you the TV/CD & TS scene sucks! in fact one dressing service that used to be based in Fareham had to close due to IDIOTS!! so I can understand why so many Hampshire Crossdressers have turned to a swingers and contacts website as a safe place to meet contacts

Want to see what our Hampshire Crossdressers & Transvestites swingers look like ? then feast ya eyes over these sexy gals. These are sample photos from inside the members section so dig in and enjoy - Oh the photos have been cropped down but as a member you'll have full access to photos

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have you ever sat back, dressed and ready sex and thought, stuff it I'm going to hit the local cottaging loo? well thats what happened to me a few nights back when I was SUPPOSED to be having great sex with this guyt that never showed, so whilst normally I wouldn't even consider going out dressed let alone going to a public toilet the little guy tock over and I was soon jumping in the car and driving to the beach

I pulled into the car park talk about bloody pitch black you couldn't see anything other than this loo in the corner of the car park, so drove over parked up and walked in. It did feel really good walking around dressed as it was something I'd not done often and the sound my shoes were making as I was walking and the feel of mt stocking against the tops of my thighs was making me hard as so just pushed me on to find this glory hole

I slowly walked past the cubicles checking out for this hole and found it right at the end, no great surprise their and once side sat back and started looking around the graffiti and whilst the bulk was from Hampshire Gay guys some were from trannies in fact one gal reconned he got fucked here !!! WELL .......

I'd been sitting their for what seemed like ages then I heard a car pulling into the car park and someone walked in but only used the loo for a pee, so sat back and started to try and relax but I was really on edge as this was my first time, but all I kept doing was looking at this hole and wondering if I'd get my fill and have a hard cock pushed through it

Then I heard the car pull into the car park, the guy got out and just walk straight in and when into the cubicle !at first I just froze not really knowing to move forward or not, then slowly leaning forward I could see the guy was standing up and had a hard cock out and was wanking off, and I can only imagine he must had seen me as he walked toward the hole and pushed his dick onto my side Mmmmmmmmmmmm yum fresh meat

I knelt down in front of his dick and just sucked him straight back, which did make him jump but my past lovers have always enjoyed me being rough with their cocks so have gotten used to sucking hard and even using my teeth, I had one admirer that used to fuck me silly and would always like me to nibble his cock and on occasions bit him so hard he'd bleed - anyway's back to my gloryhole fun.

I carried on sucking him but not so hard and licking the end of his cock then sucking hard to the back of my throat and I knew he was loving this as he's already cum a little and was now pushing his cock further to back of my throat so pressed my mouth against the wall and he started to fuck my mouth and it didn't take long before he came and I got every drop of his fresh hot cum

I closed my mouth around his dick and as he pulled out I got every drop and even licked the end clean for4 him before he zipped up and left the loo.

I sat back and then waited as this had got my appetite going and wanted MORE but unfortunately that was it no one else came in that night and when I got home my guest was standing at the door waiting for me and looking at him I just dragged him straight upstairs and fucked him silly and got my second load of cum, this time in my arse...

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