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OK it's about time to put the Isle of wight transvestites scene on the map and whilst it is true it may not be a massive island, but don't for one second think the IOW Transsexual scene is not happening...

In fact something that did make me do a double take was the recent article in The Sun regarding the Isle of Wight - it said something about the IoW was identified as being the top location for transvestites than any other county, with Ryde trannies being the number one town! Now not say the UK press never print the truth HA HA, but I somewhat doubt that fact to be correct, although as you'll see it is not short on its trannies.

Having lived across the water from IOW for some years and travelled its length & breath quite a few times whilst on holiday one thing you can say of the Isle of Wight Transsexual scene is does it really matter where you live? Lets be honest if you had to go from one side to other to meet a hottie for a night of fun would that really be a hardship? I don't think so.

But thats not the case as not only do we offer direct access to all contacts but also towns and villages, in fact we've even posted a few featured towns so that you can check out local members - talking of which anyone want to see some?

Feature :- Access All Profiles (IOW) Just Hi, just a bit about me, I'm a life long Transvestite thats 5o years young!! and very athletic build which hopefully you can see from the pics I've posted up.

I'm married and she knows about me being TV in fact something joins in for some threesome fun..I have a wicked sense of humour and naughty with it and whilst I dress fully I'm probably not that totally convincing as I'm quite muscliy, but I'm out and often get out and about in public and i'm very much not a closet TV

I have all the sexy gear, wigs and shoes galore and have a good selection of sexy underwear that I love (but then who doesn't). I have been involved with the adult entertainment industry as a drag stripper so you could say I'm not a shy tranny..Sexually I would class myself as being a dominant person, but can switch for the right person

my pet hate is hairy peeps, nope sorry not for me. I'm / we are not into webcam meets or spending hours chatting in the chatroom here and accommodating is a pain due to very nosey kids so meeting up does take a little planning, but if we say we will meet we will and expect the same in return . (more)

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Further edited samples posted by Isle of Wight tgirls & trannies. Images & Classifieds edited to member security

  • Access All Profiles ( IOW CD ) :- Hello I'm Santana ( yes a fan ;o)) I'm a crossdresser thats just moved to Isle Of Wight and looking to meet up with other CDs or maybe males for some fun. The reason I say maybe for guys is if your idea of a message is to start by asking what colour knickers I have on then its pretty pointless in contacting me. I'm only looking to meet with guys that know how to treat a CD. I've been xdresssing for about 6 years and started when I was living in Spain and even ventured outdoors a few times so I think I'm what you would class as passable, I've posted pica so you tell me. I'm single so meeting at mine is fine and happy to hear from other local CDs for fun nights and guys, well we'll see if you . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Isle of Wight Shemale / TS ) :- Is anyone here looking for something other that a quickie? I'm a pre op TS that lives my life as a female and I've got to a stage where I would like a male partner. I'm slim and have a good figure with all the right bumps thanks to pills and few ops. I'm ideally after a local guy but do travel to Southampton often with work so could meet on the mainland. But please I'm not looking for sex I'm looking for a partner then we'll get down to the fun parts. Also sorry but if you don't know what a pre op TS is its probably likely we wont be (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( outdoor meets IOW ) :- I just love sex outdoors and know lots of fun places we can meet up!! I don't fully xdress but love to wear pantyhose / tights and sometime stockings ands then meet with similar for oral and some mutual masturbation, I've had a couple of messages about outdoor anal sex, sorry bit too risky, but if you had a place then I'd consider it. I'm happy to meet guys but ideally looking for other pantyhose guys as I love to rug legs and can't beat wanking a guy off whilst hes wearing tights. Drop me a line and I'l tell you were (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Local IOW meets TV ) :- Hello I'm Clare a slim isle of wight transvestite thats 5'9" but with heels a lot taller and I do love my heels. My hair is long, black and sadly a wig, and I take a dress size 10. My look is smart sexy as I do love stylish clothes and don't really do the cheap mini skirt look ( sorry if you do). I'm smooth and love nothing more than slipping my smooth legs into stockings and theres nothing more delightful than the sight of nylon stockings even better if on someones legs. I do love my nylons and with my legs I like to show them off so just about all my outfits are quite short, but not too short I suppose its little naughty but nice with a touch of class. I'm a happy kinda person with a GSOH and enjoy being others that know how to enjoy themselves and just as happy being in the company of males, females, couples and other TVs that put the effort in. I'm here I suppose first for friendship, maybe more later on but at the beginning its about meeting up and enjoy each others company and then just seeing were it take us. Hopefully it will lead onto .(more)
  • Access All Profiles( Silk TV ) :- Hi I'm here to meet with some new friends as I'm been a closet dress now for 4 years but as I'm now single want to start dressing more and maybe one day get out. I've only been single for a few months and its the best thing that could have happened as now most nights I'm slipping into something feminine, normally silk as I do love wearing it. I don't use make up yet and thats place I do need some help with . I'm bi and have been bi longer than dressing and enjoy a good sex life especially A. If you would like to meet round mine drop me a message and lets chat and maybe meet for some dressing fun .(more)

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