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It was only until recently that I found out Devon had such a strong crossdressing & Transvestite community! why I don't really know and maybe any CD / TV or TS living in Devon could tell me. Mind you having seen how many contacts that are posting regarding meets in Devon blogs, forums & chatroom it seems everyone is heading South West for some fun

The story submitted is from a member based in Exeter is pretty near enough what many members post in after making contacts via the site and we hope you enjoy it & if you want to meet with members then its easy to join up - I have had to change a few names and location as the member wanted it keeping private

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These sexy gals certainly will know to be best use your "devon cream" ;o) and whilst the members photos posted below are current members I have cropped them to hide ID's but once signed up you'll have full access to uncropped images

Exeter swingers date - real stories by county Uk

Hiya all Karen here from Exeter, I wanted to drop a short line regarding contacts websites & I suppose my experience here.

Sitting here bashing away on the keyboard on a sunny (for once) Exeter day well it was sunny when I typed this I thought I'd pass on some of my ramblings and recent experiences, I've been Xdressing for some years really full time after I got my divorce, as I'm now single I've been playing around with transvestitism for sometime and I've got to say to say got it pretty well down to an art now and can convince most men that I'm a female & got a pretty convincing sexy shape, which on occasions I do go out and "play" you'll be amazed how many guys have tried to look up my skirt when sitting in the park and flashing some skin!! what a shock they would get if they got a flash of my cock between my thighs he he

I've been looking around for a place where I can chat with others, maybe even meet up and hopefully get the disparately needed attention that this old bod needs! after all we can all play alone but you can't beat company of some sexy admirer or even another a tranny and to be honest when I first joined swingers zone I really wasn't sure how things would pan out, but joined first as a free member then paid when I knew the restrictions would stop me really chatting with others, but what I did find was it did have a lot of members especially around Devon so paid my dudes

I soon started chatting with others in the chatrooms and found the blog posting interesting and even set my own little blog up just fort a bit of fun, well I paid for it so I mite as well use it. After putting up a profile pretty soon messages were coming in, some ok, some live the other side of the county !!1 like ummmmmm why send me a message, others were right on my doorstep like Ken!

It was his photo showing off is rock cock that first got my attention and after messages going backward and forwards agreed to meet in a local bar, after all you can't be to careful these days so would always meet in public and would recommend anyone else doing the same even contacts made from a website, in fact maybe even more so after all we all know these some odd folks out their.

I got to the bar, and saw him sitting in the corner so walked over and we started chatting and really getting on pretty well and as the evening went on we got closer so that he could put his hand onto my leg and maybe it was the drink or the fact I was out on a date but as my legs were under the table and pretty sure out of sight opened my legs so he push his hand up between my thighs. He wasn't able to do much other than run his hands over my dick that was now getting pulled tight against my knickers, and had to stop him otherwise I would never have been able to stand, after all walking out of a bar with a guy with a hard erection showing though my skirt would have been a little give away don't you think !!

I asked him if he wanted to go outside for some "air" and We both walked outside and seeing a ally I walked over and leaned against the wall, he moved against me kissing me hard,putting his hands up my skirt onto my knickers and pulling my cock out that was now hard and needing attention, and kissing me he started to wank me off and it didn't take me long before I came and to my surprise he moved down and licked the cum from my cock and where I'd cum over my tummy and even licked it from their as well

I then got his dick out and kneeling down in front of him licked first then wanting his dick in my mouth sucked his cock right back and with him putting his hands behind my head he started to fuck my mouth with his cock and it wasn't long before I got my reward, after we walked down the road and arranged to meet up next time at his as we both wanted more, so a date has been set and I'll let you know how things work out . Enjoy the site, I do!

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