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Plymouth cuckold tells her husband she wants to fuck black swingers.....they joined a Devon Cuckold site this story & free contacts!

It makes you wonder how many couples get into the cuckold scene after watching a porn video or checking out some porn site and whether its the husband that says to the wife about her having sex with a black guy or as in this case the wife

One things for certain the interracial cuckold scene is probably far stronger than couples wanting to meet with white bulls and one thing we don't have a shortage of is Black guys wanting to fuck white wives.

Whether your from Devon like this couple or any other region / country around the UK meeting up with black bulls is just a case of joining and posting your profile - enjoy this Devon Cuckold story and join us to access loads more submitted by our members

Watching a black guy fucking a white wife got my wife really horny and she wanted to fuck a black guy...........

My wife Sara and I have a pretty active sex life; we fuck 4 or 5 times a week and its got better as the years have gone on. We’re always looking for ways to keep that sparkle in the bedroom, so recently we joined a couple of swingers and adult websites so that we could contact like minded people to swap photos, fantasies and experiences.

I must say that we have been fairly active in the forums and chat rooms of those sites and have met loads of people, couples and singles, men and women who have wanted to chat and to meet us.

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One of our favourite things to do together is to watch porn dvds’ before we have sex, they always get us really turned on. Often she’ll stroke my hard cock and I’ll gently rub her pussy while we watch the on screen fucking. We only ever get to see about 20 minutes of the film before we can’t stand it anymore and we have to have each other

We watch any kind of porn and I can tell what really gets her turned on because she’ll squeeze my cock a little tighter when her favourite scenes get going.

One of them is watching a big black guy fuck a little blonde; I can hear her breathing get a little faster and she grips me tighter, especially as that big black cock slips in and stretches the little blondes cunt. She always cums really hard after we’ve watched those scenes.

One night after we’d watched her favourite film; the one where this huge black guy uses the blonde and makes her moan like a dirty whore, his cock has got to be at least 10 inches long. Sara told me to fuck her like the girl in the film, so I got her on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. 

Fucking her with fast long strokes it wasn’t long before she was shuddering in orgasm, she came really hard and I could feel her cunt pulsing and clamping on my cock as she did, which sent me over the edge and I shot my load deep into her.

Afterwards, I asked her if she was fantasising about having a black cock like the girl in the film, she smiled and said yes, and that it was one of the best orgasms she’d had in ages. 

“Do you think they all have cocks that big?” she asked wide eyed.

“I don’t know, maybe or maybe it’s a myth.” I replied. “We could always ask in the chat rooms.” She giggled like a school girl “Can’t wait to find out.” The next evening we where were in the chat room and asked the question, have all black guys got big cocks?

There was silence on the screen for a minute or two, and then this guy called Troy, who we’ve chatted to before answered and said maybe Sara would like to find out...

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