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Want to turn YOUR husband to a tranny sissy cuckold? transform your weak sissified male!

Considering turning your husband into a sissy, in other words to do you want to fuck other males whilst making your weak husband dress as a women / sissy maid, then read on as trust me your not alone in wanting to humiliate weak husbands in this way within the tranny cuckold swinging scene

The sissy cuckold scene is one of those contacts within the swinging scene that’s probably gained more popularity primarily due to the ease of finding contacts via sex contacts websites and if your looking for males to fuck you whilst the husband is dressed as women you certainly won’t have to look for long

The idea of wives feminising husbands and in the vast amount of cases transforming these males into crossdressing maids is not a new thing although now thanks to the internet meeting contacts is a lot easier

Dominant wives transforming weak Sissy tranny husbands

Within a cuckold married normally the male plays the dominant role, but within a sissy cuckold this is flipped over and the wife plays the dominant hotwife often taking complete over the evening and how and what goes on, although in a lot of cases the bull (males) also will take a lead role ordering the sissified husband to perform duties

The duties of a sissy husband can be many from fetching drinks, doing domestic duties whilst the wife and her bull are alone in the bedroom to in some cases the wife forcing the husband to sit outside the bedroom door just listening to his wife fucking

In some cases the husband will be wearing a chastity devise as in the photo below so restricting the husband from masturbating and I’ve even know of some wives that will force husbands into prolonged permanent wearing of a cock chastity belt and in these cases the husbands will not have had sex with there wives for some time   

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Humiliated Sissy husbands & cuckold cleanup

Often assuming the bull is happy the hotwife will encourage the male to humiliate the husband and this will often make verbal comments regarding the size of his cock or the fact he can’t sexually please his wife so he will need to do it

But this can also lead towards cuckold clean up where the husband will not only be forced to watch his wife getting fucked but after the other guys has cum inside her the sissy husband will then lick the other guys cum directly from the wife's pussy

In some cases the wife will take an even more dominant role ordering the bull to have sex with the husband and this could lead to oral or anal sex!

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