Post Op TS Contacts

Note – Are you here to meet with Post Op Transsexual women or as I know a lot of post op ts refer to themselves as  trans women, either way if your here to meet with a transsexual that had a full sex change then we can help and to give you some idea of Brexit UK Casino just whats on offer within the members section heres a personals advert from a post-operative transsexual woman

I’ve posted some of the members photos below and as a member you’ll be able to access more from within this personals advert and clearly from the images I’ve “enjoyed” looking at this trans women is VERY pleased with her TS pussy and now wants a man to be her first, will that be you? Continue reading Post Op TS Contacts

Trafford Transvestites

Its without a doubt that the Trafford Transvestites scene is probably one of the more active regions with Greater Manchester and with an estimated population of over 250,000 its easy to see just why…Posted here is a sample from one of those Trafford Tgirls and as a member you can access local personals right across this brough including Altrincham, Partington, Sale, Stretford & Urmston.

So sit back and enjoy but better still join us as the sample posted here is just one off many, true when it comes to personals adverts that jump out and screen contact me this member knows  just how to achive that helped a lot by the 200 plus photos posted within the profile …enjoy and join us Continue reading Trafford Transvestites

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Liverpool Transvestite

Note – you gotta love a member that posts up a detailed profile and thats just what this Liverpool Transvestite has done and whilst she’s only posted 3 photos, bot are they gems as I love a tranny in black lingerie, it is lingerie isn’t it? or maybe its just a short skirt pulled up to show of her amazing legs…..either way HORNY ;o) even though I’ve edited the pics

Below is her Liverpool personals advert along with access to even more, and trust me there LOTS but I think you would have guessed this after all Liverpool is the party town of the North West with probably more Liverpool Tgirl clubs and bars than most other UK cities…So enjoy and for more or better still to contact this or other members join us Continue reading Liverpool Transvestite

Transvestites Watersports

Note:- Looking to get all wet & messy with a TV? this members profile caught my attention first due to some of the photos then when I found out the member has a interest in Transvestites Watersports sex……something I love, although I’m not a TV but an admirer and love soaking tgirls with warm piss

If like me you enjoy the idea of tranny watersports then your certainly amongst a pretty horny fetish group of contacts and posted below is a sample advert from a member based in Cheshire, although theres no shortage of members that enjoy TV watersport sex Continue reading Transvestites Watersports

Guildford Transvestite

Note – Tell ya sod the lady in red give me this Guildford transvestite in red lol…as an admirer theres nothing more than I love to see than a horny sexy tranny wearing a red dress and this member has not only posted up a single photos but a small coolection of which I’ve posted some further samples below, but in her profile shes uploaded 25 images mmmm yum!

Whilst some would say the images posted here are a bit of a tease, they are only meant to be an introduction hence the reason for posting some samples from the Guildford Tranny along with edited personals advert below …This is just one of many contacts we have within Guildford, Surrey and below is a FREE access to view ALL local & national contacts ….whats even better its FREE to use, although you will have to be a member before you can contact the Guildford trannies Continue reading Guildford Transvestite

Basildon Bifem

Note – Essex bi female looking to meet with couples & other Essex bi females, but guys…if your still reading this you mite as well STOP, well not unless your part of a could and the female is bifem as this Essex female swinger has no interest in meeting with single guys so your wasting time

Couples or bi females on the other hand make sure you read her edited profile below, then log into the members swection for full access along with access to her photos as she’d uploaded over 30 photos and clearly from looking at them this female loves having her photo taken

Hi I’m an Essex Bi-woman thats here to meet up with intelligent sexy single women or couples so long as the female is bisexual in Essex / Basildon or surrounds… Continue reading Basildon Bifem

Bristol Escort

Note – Please note this member is a Bristol Escort so will charge for her time…although clearly reading her profile, photos & watching her video this Bristol Escort clearly offers a lot more than just escorting services…and having been with a few escorts over the years theres a big difference between a women that just does it for money only, or one that enjoys her job…clearly this escort is the later

Although anyone looking at the photos will see its a lot more than just escorting services that are on offer as this member is also a Bristol Mistress and can be a dominant mistress or a purring sex kitten …..Want to meet her? below is her classifieds advert along with more edited photos & free link to view ALL Bristol contacts

Please Note :- This member is an Independent Bristol Escort and we have no involvement with fees charged and this is a FREE advert we offer within the membership Continue reading Bristol Escort

Kent TS Escort

Note – Why meet one Kent TS Escort when you can have two lol…..Its got to be every dream to have a threesome with two horny transsexual escorts and now with this couples advert you can just have that!!! Posted below is a recent profile thats been posted by a TS escort from Kent that offers threesomes…..yum

We are a very Convincing Kent TG and pre op TS escort thats here for your pleasure…fancy a threesome with two VERY sexy Kent tgirl escorts, then read on.. We are 2 convincing tgirls from Kent (Chatham) that offers a paid in call service, but always as tgirl duo.

Some details about us – One is 25 years old, 5’11 slender TG with a few tattoos and some piercings and has model tg looks, the other is 30 years old 6’1 curvy pre op Transsexual with natural 36 C breasts and some tattoos.  We are both full time Tgirls and enjoy meeting up with others for fun & a sexual hunger for LOTS of fun adventures. Continue reading Kent TS Escort