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Cuckolding in Scotland - Hotwife Glasgow

The cuckold scene is one thats growing in strength and popularity right across the UK and now more is that the case than within our Scottish members where so many cuckold contacts are based that we now have dedicated forums sections for the Scotland cuckold husbands scene

Quite why cuckold in Scotland has taken off so much is beyond me, but its clear from looking at the profiles that the Scotland cuckolds are join in force and posting profiles from couples and as you would expect more than a few scottish single males looking for scottish couples

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Cuckold Glasgow!

This member sent in her story after she joined the site and it was starting down the cuckold lifestyle that made this couple turn towards swingers website's to meet with other contacts, as they say once you've opened the box! or in this case the wife getting the taste of another guys / bulls cock

If you're from Scotland and consider cuckoldry then read this short story sent in by Glasgow horny wife and her now cuckolded husband - If your unsure about the scene then use some of the links above for more detailed information on the Scotland cuckold scene

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The images shown above are streamed from the members section showing local Scottish swingers but they are not necessarily into the cuckold scene!

The images posted above are random photos from within the members section and are genuine Scotland swingers pics - some will be looking for single males or females, others looking for couples. These images have been cropped but as a member you'll get full access to all media. By using the link below it will display all profiles from scotland and as a member you can refine that to just to display scottish cuckold couples only.

Glasgow cuckold wife fucked in car park - stories by location

Hi, thanks for checking my little story out, we are a married couple thats happily married with an "okish" sex life, but as a horny women I was always wanting more and one night we borrowed a porn dvd from a friend that was about cuckold sex and whilst it was something I'd never really thought about afterwards we spoke and I could see who the idea of cuckold sex excited my hubby

Not much was said afterwards and we got back into our old rut of boring sex and just getting on, but that wasn't what I wanted and one night did something about it. Most weeks we meet with some friends down a local bar thats on the outskirts of Glasgow ( I'm not keen on city centre) for drinks and a laugh. This gives me a chance to get dressed up and hopefully get my ( newly named Scotland cuckolded husband) turned on and hopefully some decent sex

We walked into the bar but little did i know a boxing match was on the large screen and my cuckolded hubby headed in front to a seat they had been saving for him and looking around found my girlfriends so headed towards the bar, we then sat back and started having a few drinks

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The drinks were flowing and like any bunch of women the subject of men got brought up and what we fancied and one of my friends pointed out this guy at the other end of the bar that had been eying me up all night and looking over him I caught his eye and we smiled back, but I was ready something other than just a smile

The other girls knew I was promiscuous and soon dared me to do something about it and one thing you should never do is DARE me to do anything. I started giving the guy a flash as I sat on a high bar stool with an extremely short skirt and knew by the way he'd moved round that he was able to see up my dress.

Getting off the stool I walked towards the toilets and waited for him and within a few seconds he was in the corridor and we were kissing. I told him that I wanted to fuck him and opening the rear door we walked into the bar car park and finding a dark part we carried on kissing but it wasn't his tong I wanted it was his cock in my pussy

I undid his fly and he pulled my knickers down and started finger my soaking wet pussy whilst I wanked him off but I didn't want to wank him too much as I wanted his cum inside me, so I stopped and turned around pulling my skirt up and pushing my arse towards him and he slipped his cock deep into me.

He started fucking me really hard and it didn't take long before I came and shortly afterwards him and pulling his cock out kissed me and he walked back into the pub, a few seconds later I walked back in and i could see the way my girlfriends were looking at me they were shocked I just fucked him in the car park .

When we got home I told my scottish cuckold that I fucked a stranger in the car park and from now on I would be looking for males to fuck me, he could watch so long as he didn't get involved, we then had some of the best sex we'd had for years!...

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