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New Essex cuckold husband sent this story in and whilst its not what you would class as a normal cuckold story its a great cuckold tale!

People get into the swinging and cuckold scene for many reasons, sometimes its whilst enjoying some role playing sex or other times when your playing around discussing fantasies

But I don't think I've even seen a member before where they introduction into Essex cuckold was after going to a sex club in Germany and thats just what happened with this new cuckold couple.

The story has been taken from the members blog and whilst I've changed names to protect members its a direct copy and if like me you enjoy reading couples swinging and cuckold stories then you'll be spending a lot of time around the blogs as we are NOT short of reading material!!

I never dreamed I would get turned on seeing my wife having sex with someone else.........

Ok anyone ask me a few months ago about my wife fucking other guys whilst I watched and it would have been something I'd never considered and classing myself as some cuckold husband.....well until I joined a swingers site I'd never heard of the term before

There again I never even knew my wife was bisexual till she started licking cum juices off another women .........little do we husbands really know what goes on inside our wife's heads!!

It all started a few months ago when we both had timed a quick break so as we didn't want to go too far and fancied something different we thought about going to Germany and visit Hamburg, but at no time did I think about the red light district, at least until we got there...

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We got to the hotel quite late but were keen to start exploring around and once we’d un packed I was flipping through some of the tourist stuff and a map around Hamburg, but my attention was drawn towards the Reeperbahn  and its well known red light district, it was only a short walk from the hotel so we headed out

Walking around we pretty soon found the red light area and after a beer or two our inhibitions soon dropped helped along by going into some of the sex shops that basically sold everything you could imagine and probably some stuff you’d never dreamed about, least we hadn’t.

Walking out it was starting to get a bit chilly and we saw a street that was basically wall to wall sex bars / shows so thought we’d try a  'lap dancing' club. We had never been inside one before and I was quite taken back how clean and posh it was with a nice bar and tables around, each with there own pole.

We sat down with some drinks and looking around you could see loads of groups of guys and a few couples and dancing on the tables are what can only be classed as beautiful girls, this girl approached us and asked if we wanted her to dance and looking at my wife with a rather mischievous look she smiled which was as good as yes

She takes the money and returning back starts dancing, but the odd thing was all the attention seemed to be going towards my wife and it was getting pretty full on with  her routine as she was bending over and teasing in front of us

Standing in front of us she pulls the string on her top showing her perfect breasts, again looking towards my wife she licks her lips and looking directly at my wife takes her hand and places it directly onto her breast and encourages you to play with her tits.  I could see how much my wife was enjoying this so I place my hand under the table and her legs are already apart and moving my hand up feel traces of wet starting to creep through her knickers

I’d never consider my wife as a bifemale and we’d never talked about it but clearly she was loving the attention as I started massaging her clit as we watch the girl dancing, it was when she bent over and dropped her bikini that makes my wife gasp looking directly at her smooth pussy, knowing by now how turned on you are she runs her finger over her pussy but slightly placing a finger inside before taking it out and offering to my wife to lick off,

With my finger still on her clitoris this was now hard as she sucks the girls finger dry.... and then cums.

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