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I joined the site for one reason alone NSA sex....Read my Essex Female swingers story and better still lets meet!

I stumbled across this members story when I was looking at some Essex blog postings and one things for sure when it comes to horny members the Essex female swingers have it well and truly in the bag. This story was posted by a female swinger that joined for No strings attached sex with males and from reading this story she's getting just that

I’ve always been a bit of horny cow LOL…when I was with my ex luckily we had an open marriage and YES I used that to the fullest fucking around and even using some of the adult cinemas because you can’t beat heading out to some sleazy porn cinema and sucking guys off …..anyone know Fantasy Video in London ? it’s the best for adult cinema and sucking guys off, best night I had was sucking 6 guys off and having them cuming in my mouth mmmm yum, I’m heading back soon to see if I can break my record sucking and swallowing.

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I posted a profile for Essex NSA sex and the responce was ummmm possitive LOL

Mark was a horny fuck, just how I like my men and fuck could he fuck like crazy and something I wanted was to fuck him at work so I finally got him round to work one night. When you look at him he’s got the sweetest eyes, smile and boy what an ass that I've seen in a while, but it’s his glint in his eye that's irresistible and just looking at him gets me wet !!  I arranged for him to meet at work and he came straight round from his work. He turned up wearing jeans and his ass always looked amazing but those jeans weren’t going to be on for long especially when my eyes drifted towards the clear bulge in his jeans

Seeing him in the office made me finish my work faster as as I wanted to get my hands on him but knew I had to wait till we out of view of the cctv cameras, after all I didn’t want my pervy boss watching me having sex so no filming going on.... my heart was banging like crazy as whilst I’d fucked around in some public places never at work….hence inviting him after all theres just something about a risqué fuck even more so knowing there are about 10 other people with keys that could potentially turn up at any point!

It didn’t take me long to find somewhere that was camera free although still very open in the office but fuck it, hopefully no one would walk in. I wanted his cock in my mouth so much , I needed to have it!! And kissed his lips passionately and we locked tongues! I love it when he kisses me. I could feel his massive cock pressing against me when kissing me and he knew it wouldn’t be long before I was on my knees so lowering myself I was worshipping his mighty cock!!

He was in my mouth!! l'd been thinking about his cock all day and licking my lips in anticipation omg I fucking love his cock in my mouth as he always tastes good filling my mouth to the brim and trying to swallow as much as I can, but hey! it's way too big for that hes got one of the biggest cock I’ve even had !! I suck and lick his balls and he's moaning with delight

He puts his hands into my knickers that are already soaking wet with my juices and his fingers start to explore my hot, wet throbbing pussy and I’m dying for him to slip his fingers and tong inside my pussy its just making me eve wetter. His fingers now find my clit and starts rubbing and caressing it , moving lower and feeling my wetness that’s now flowing, FUCK this is what I've been wanting all day, I just hope my boss or other staff don’t catch me, but does that make me stop …like fuck

I'm loving his fingers inside my soaking pussy and we both lay back onto the floor and moves his head between my legs and start by first kissing my pussy and biting my pussy through my knickers, teasing and torturing me till I can’t handle anymore, all I can think about is flesh on flesh, nothing between us just his warm lips kissing my pussy and tongue licking, lapping my clit, he could stay there all day for all cared

I could feel the waves of ecstasy taking over my body and I was tingling all over my pussy, fuck he's so good at oral so much so that I’m overtaken so much that soon cum to a fantastic climax! Squealing out aloud and hoping there's no-one around. He moves up and kisses me passionately but feeling his hard cock against me I want it inside my pussy, I want to feel it filling me up again and YES its always bareback fucking

Feeling him against me I feel his whole hardness climb into me and slipping inside me he's so big, but I’m so wet it slips inside with ease and fucking me I’m in pure ecstasy.  I love his cock pushing in and pulling out of my hot, wet hole and knowing he’s getting ready to cum I wrap my legs around him pulling him deep inside and feeling his cum load erupt inside me  

After we go our separate ways, maybe we will meet again, maybe I’ll try another guy after all that’s why I joined the site and I’m making the most of it - NSA sex IS the best...

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