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People join swingers sites for lots of reasons and it doesn't matter what level of swingers contacts you want you can be sure of meeting couples ....Read this Essex Soft Swapping swingers story

The Essex soft swapping scene opens the world of swinging without the need to worry about someone else fucking the wife and for many couples there chosen way to swap after all when you consider it its the most safest type of swingers meets you can have so condoms don't need to come into play as your not going to be fucking the couple you are meeting .......

This swapping story was sent to us by Chelmsford Soft Swingers and tells us about how this couple wanted to try meeting with others but weren't too keen on going all the way with strangers and preferred to keep that between partners only.....the basic principle behind soft swaps. Read this story, then join us and start meeting up with other couples from Essex and the rest of the UK.

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Our first Soft Swapping meet with an Essex our story and if you see us online send us a message and lets chat .......

It’s true to say that my wife and I have been curious about swapping for a while.  We have a great sex life, and we’re always looking for ways to keep the spark alive.  We watch porn dvds together, but they’re quite expensive so we only have a small collection. Then one evening when we were looking for a new DVDs we found a great site on the internet that has a Pay Per View porn section, now we’ve got access to thousands of films.

There are loads of categories to choose from and we’ve expanded our viewing into sections that we wouldn’t have considered before, and now our sex is really spicy.  One of the categories that caught our eye is swingers.  We love them, and the sex after watching a swingers film is mind blowing.  And that’s when we got the idea that we might like to try it for ourselves.

We talked about it and we both decided that we weren’t comfortable with seeing each other fucking another person.  So the idea got shelved for a while, until one day when we were surfing for more PPV sites, we came across a swingers website, curiosity got the better of us so we signed up to see what the real swingers scene is all about.

On the site were pictures, videos, ads and stories about swingers’ experiences that really excited us.  There was also a forum and chat room available where members could join in, which is a great place to get to speak to real swingers. In the forum there was a thread called “Soft Swap,” we hadn’t heard of it before and just assumed that swapping was fucking another person, which we now know as a “Full Swap.”  But a soft swap was a new one on us and we wanted to find out what it was, so we followed the thread.

We soon realised that a soft swap is like having foreplay with another person then swapping back to have full penetrative sex with your partner, with the other couple in the same room or even on the same bed.  We really liked this idea and started to fantasise with each other about what it would be like.  So after a week or so of fantasising we decided to see if we could find a member couple who would like to join us for real.

So we started a new thread of our own in the forum saying that we were looking for a couple to join us.  As this was our first time we called the thread “Soft Swap Newbie’s.” Then waited to see what happened.  A few days later we logged back in to see what kind of response we’d had, and where amazed at the number of couples who’d replied.

One couple, Nikki and Jack stood out, they said they were new too and that it was their first time. We sent them a message back and arranged to meet in the chat room so that we could get to know each other better before maybe meeting.  They thought this was a good idea, so after chatting and swapping pictures for a while we decided it was time to meet.

We arranged it for the Friday night and said we should meet in a bar first, for a few drinks then see what happened.  Sarah and I got there first, we were pretty nervous, but both hoping that tonight would be the night we could play out our fantasy for real.  Nikki and Jack arrived about 10 minutes later and we took an instant liking to them and them us, so after a few drinks to calm all our nerves it was Sarah who suggested we go back to ours for drinks at home.

Part Two - our first soft swapping

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