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If you're new to Swingers Zone welcome and we hope you enjoy reading and meeting up with Colchester Swingers, and trust me we've NOT got a shortage ;o)

One of the things that jumps out straight away with the Colchester scene is the diversity of contacts that are on offer from members just looking for there first time swapping experience to more hardcore swingers that are used to swapping partners and just want to find some new contacts / group.. The beauty of our site is no matter what your level of swinging is we can easily point you towards Colchester contacts looking for meets

To give you some idea we've posted this preview page where you can view samples from members along with gaining access to ALL couples from this Essex region, however as a member you'll have loads more advance features to help you meet with local Colchester Swingers details of which on the right, so who's up for checking some talent out? in that case jump right in...

Feature :- Havingfun13 ( Colchester) Hi we are a couple thats looking to meet other couples, so that means NO single guys, however couples wanting to build friendships and some swapping fun read on

We are not total newbie's to the swinging scene in fact we used to swing some years ago and back then had a great time meeting and socialising with "swapping" friends

We do enjoy the social side to the Colchester swingers scene and we are not looking to meet with couples that just want to add notches onto there beds as we want swapping friends that we can meet with. We are a professional couple thats into our fifties and enjoy fine food, conversation & socialising

We are not stick thin as we work at desk jobs, although F is size 12 with large breast and great legs. If your looking to meet with a friendly fun couple then contact us but we Definitely are not looking for one-night stands and if we sound like your type of couple then contact us after all thats why we all join these sites. We do like to cam 2 cam before arranging to meet up as . (more)

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Want more? Further samples along with FREE access to all local contacts:

  • ( Straight Colchester Couple ) :- Hi! we're both in early thirties and also both straight ( yes shocking stuff for swingers, thats being straight lol) we are new to swapping and want to meet with other straight contacts either single males or couples. We do have children and don't want to take any changes so its either yours or we can split hotel costs. I want to spice things up a little in the bedroom and keen to talk with others and we've found the chatroom here really quite an eye opener so thanks for all the tips. We keen to get advice from similar aged couples in the same situation and maybe we can meet up and see . (more)
  • ( Bi Fem Colchester ) :- Hi, we are Andi and J couple that been together for nearly 2 yrs and we have great and strong sex life but fancy trying a few new things as we want to introduce something different into our relationship. We are here to meet a bi or bi-curious female or a couple with a bi female partnerI'm J (male) is straight and have no interest but Andi (female) is bi-curious and has been for sometime and we tried some swapping when on holiday but that failed so though we'd give the swingers website's a go. We are new to the site so would be keen to meet with more experienced members / swingers although we are only looking for soft swapping meets at first, but may do more later. We have had a lot of message from members a long way from us!! we are only looking for local so Colchester / Essex only and PLEASE don't just add us as friends but send us a (more)
  • ( Cuckold in Colchester ) :-We are both bisexual and dominant couple thats here seeking couples that enjoy the cuckold scene but must be submissive. We are friendly, chatty and social couple thats been involved with cuckold sex for sometime and enjoy meeting up with like minded couples for some RP fun. We do have a lot of kinks which we can talk about via message but we also enjoy the fun company of other adults that have an open viewpoint about sex and a respect between. (more)
  • ( Colchester threesome ) :- We are here seeking single members either males or females for threesome fun. Males must be straight as my husband is but females must be bisexual as I'm VERY much bi and have been for sometime. We are in a loving strong relationship but would to invite others into the bedroom just to spice things up a little plus my husband loves watching me having sex with another women and I'm not going to complain either. We are a very attractive, adventurous couple and have had past experiences with MMF / FFM threesomes. Whilst my husband enjoys watching he's no cuckold and will want to join in.(more)
  • ( outdoor fucking Colchester ) :- I'm a 27 year old and my wife is 30 years old. We love sex outdoors although tend to stay away from the colchester dogging sites as they are too well patrolled and watched now, or you have some idiots just flashing lights at you all night when parked up. We are looking to meet with singles or other couples that enjoy sex in the woods and we know some very private places that we can meet up. We aren't going to post the locations here as we want them help private, but if you drop me a message we can chat and arrange to meet.(more)

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