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Young Scotland couple tell about there kinky sex meets

Looking to meet with young kinky scottish swingers? this story was sent in by new members after they joined for one reasons alone to meet with others for what they class as "kinky" sex, but the question you need to ask yourself does the idea of pissing over someone make them kinky, not in my books from reading some of the other young Scottish contacts

The story is FREE to read and I've placed direct links to some sample profiles from Scotland members along with random images, just a quick note regarding images these have been edited to protect members but once a FREE member you'll have FULL access to all media uploaded by scottish contacts

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She didn't take much convincing to join a Swingers site?

Hey there, Me and my girlfriend only started swinging very recently, we're still quite young and had such good sex all on our own that we had never thought about it.  The change came because I am secretly quite a kinky guy so I asked my girlfriend what her ultimate fantasy was, hoping that if I could fulfil it she might be more open to try some of my more spicy ideas.  We decided to write them down and swap so we could both read at the same time.

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Glasgow young couple pissing story - Stories by real swingers

The surprising answer I got from her was that she really wanted to fuck an older man.  It was really nice to get this out in the open but she apologised and said she really didn't want to try any of my ideas and obviously I couldn't get any older so we left it at that.

The idea stayed in the back of my mind for a while and finally bloomed when I found swingers-zone.  We both wanted something the other couldn't provide so why not just find someone else.  I called over my girlfriends and we did a quick search for couples in our area.  She instantly found someone she liked the look of, an older man with greying hair but still in good shape.  She said she was happy with him and kissed me goodnight.

I stayed up longer asking the wife, Gloria, a slightly younger blonde women who looked great for her age, to join me in the chat room.  We chatted for a while and got to know each other as I tried to subtly bring up the question how daring she was in the bedroom.  Well I thought I was being subtle until she bluntly came out and said that you don't go swinging for over 20 years without experiencing your fair share of kink and that if I just left it up to her I would have a night I would never forget.

Suitably excited I agreed and we arranged to meet the next week in a local pub.  The day came around and me and my girlfriend, who was dressed to impress, headed out on our first adventure.  We met at the bar and all had a few glasses of wine, all except Gloria who kept ordering large glasses of water.

The evening wore on and we were having fun but when I saw my girlfriend rubbing her hand up the man's thigh I suggested we should go back to our place, everyone agreed.  As soon as we got there my girlfriend lead her new parter into our bedroom. Gloria asked me to show me where our bathroom is the quickly pulled me inside closing the door behind us, removing all her clothes and sitting on the toilet.

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What happened next amazed me.  With her legs spread wide so I could see every glorious detail she tensed her stomach, and released a stream of hot clear piss which leapt out of her pussy and splattered nosily into the bowl.  I stood transfixed even after it had trickled to a stop staring at her wonderful wet pussy when her voice snapped me back into reality. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to clean me up?”

I was on my knees in a second furiously lapping at her hot pussy savouring every drop of the exotic new liquid as it mixed with Gloria's juices, which were now flowing freely as my tongue worked its magic. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and I jumped to my feet as my girlfriend, completely naked,walked in and over to the bathroom cabinet and took out a bottle of lube.

“Having fun baby” she said walking over to me and kissing my deeply “Mmmm baby you taste good tonight.” The rest of the night was amazing and my girlfriend was very keen to meet the couple again, and after I told her what she tasted on my lips that night she was a lot more open to new suggestions...

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