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Hot weather swinging - Spain, like many Brits I moved to spain and the swinging is even BETTER!

With so many UK swingers up and moving to spain its know wonder the ex-pat swinger & swinging community over here is so strong.

Whether its meeting with swingers in Spain either coming over for a holidays, long summer breaks or like most spanish swingers a resident living on one of the Costas you needn't look any further to meet with Costa swingers !

Finding new Friends !

One thing many Spanish swingers soon find out is you'll find loads of great swinging members online all looking to make contact with fellow expats and holidays makers, after all a lot of couples here are looking to meet with other Brits, so what a better way to get to know someone other than stripping off and having a great swinging time.

Fun in the Sun!

As a free Spanish swingers contact website for both residents, holiday makers & sun seekers you'll soon be contacting members local to you and unlike many other websites that claim to be FREE this one really is, so long as you're happy to use the basic system which will still put you in touch swingers all around Spain & like-minded couples looking for fun in the sun.

With so many sites offering free this and that, what do Swingers Zone offer Spanish swingers & British couples looking for local contacts?

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What do I get for free or if I pay?

If you just want to see what's on offer, have a nose around profiles, submit your own Spanish swinging contacts ad then join for free as you will get everything you need without having to pay a Euro and below are some great features members get, both free & paid:

  • You'll be able to post your ex-pat swingers ad so other members will be able to contact you FREE! Just make sure you say exactly what you're after as it help members help searching for contacts.
  • Submit photos, as we offer unlimited webspace you REALLY can post as many photos as you like and now video clips as well FREE (as a paid member you'll have access to larger images, but free members will only get thumbnail pics).
  • Search out local contacts in spain for FREE (free members will not have access to the advance searching features) by really just about any sexual preference you like meaning finding local contacts right down to a Spanish village or town is EASY.
  • Contact members by internal mail, meaning everything is held on our system so 100% secure & private, email alerts can either be sent directly to outlook or held back for further privacy.
  • Spanish swingers chat rooms - with so many members based in Spain we now have a dedicated room for members to hang out and talk about anything and everything, normally complaining about how hot it is and gloating that the UK is having crap summer ;o)

This is just a basic overview of some of the great features we offer our members, both free & paid, but the best way forward to to join up for free, see if you like the site and then should you wish to take further advantage of the site pay as it's only a few Euros a month!

Happy Swinging in Spain
Javea Swingers, Costa Blanca

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