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I never dreamed that I'd be fucking some hot Spanish milf whilst the husband watched and whilst it felt odd I soon forget he was there - read my Spanish cuckold story...

Where do I start, well last night I meet with this amazing couple, well when I say couple that husband was OK but I didn’t have sex with him but his horny fucking wife and FUCK was she horny with a gorgeous body, as for the husband he watching as I’m not really a threesome guy, sorry too risky - does that make me a homophobe?

I’d joined this swingers website because whilst living in Spain and having a sex club on every corner I just wanted to mix with brits and after few no shows for several reasons I started chatting to this couple and the husband told me about his hotwife high sex drive…I suppose when he used the term hotwife I should have guessed this was for a Spain cuckold meet, but it wouldn’t have stopped me especially after looking at her photos.

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After a few emails messages she told me that she loves fucking strangers in front of her cuckold husband and he loves it as basically he can’t keep up with her sexual demands on him so they turned towards a swingers website to meet with males. So a meet was arranged at their villa for 8:30. I got to there place and the husband opened the gate and let me in, he seemed like a nice guy and made me feel at ease and seemed almost as excited as I was about fucking this guys wife and had spent sometime wanking over her photos and she was frigging horny & drop dead gorgeous.

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At a guess I would say she was around her late twenties and he was fifty plus and straight away it was pretty clear why he was struggling to keep up with her demands. We chatted for a little while outside and she asked if I wanted a swim but I was ok ( I can’t swim, but I was not going to tell her that) so when in and was offered a drink and pretty soon the conversation heated up.

He went out to do some more drinks and finally left me with his wife on the sofa and it didn’t take long before we were both kissing and running my hands all over her body that was so firm but she had amazing massive tits for women that had such a small tiny waste  Whilst kissing her I felt her hand drift down towards my cock and rub it through my jeans but she was not happy with this and pulling my up started to undressed me and stripped me completely naked and sitting back onto the sofa she reached over and started wanking my cock whilst kissing me. She was a very passionate kisser and her tong was slipping into my mouth all the time with a firm grip onto my cock.

I wanted her naked now as I wanted to she her amazing figure and considering she had very little on stood and dropped her dress to the floor and was standing there with stockings,  black bra & knickers and her long hair was laying across her shoulders and looking at her you’d think butter wouldn’t melt. Wow she was so fucking horny and looking around still couldn’t see her cuckold anywhere insight which did seemed odd considering he liked watching her getting fucked by guys. Sitting back onto the sofa I pushed her right back and she didn’t need to be told and opened her legs wide for me and I moved between her legs and slowly started to tease and playing around with her pussy.

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Needless to say she was smooth and completely shaven and tasted like honey and whilst I was moving around a little I then  noticed her husband had returned back into the room but now had a video camera and was recording everything, he did ask me went we ordered chatted but to be honest I forgot but it didn’t  really worry me

I turned my attentions back to her soaking pussy and even though he was saying something in the background I really wasn’t paying much attention, after all what would you be doing listening to some guy or licking the pussy of some Spanish hotwife. As I was licking her she was getting so fucking wet it was unreal and her moans of pleasure getting more intense until she came over my face and  I ran my tongue up her soaking pussy tasting her gorgeous cum juices.

She then pulled me onto the sofa and moved over sitting next to me and moved over with her head inches away from my cock and I could feel her breathe against my balls and started to tease me driving me crazy in frustration and then began teasing my cock and licking the end, her husband by now had moved closer and looking towards him comment on how nice my cock was and he was encouraging her to suck it fully so she started giving me dirty blowjob as she was looking straight towards me whilst sucking on my cock smiling and winking at me.

She gave me a great blow job and taking my hand she sat me down onto the dining chair as she wanted to ride me which is a position I love so was more than happy and she pasted me a rubber and I slipped it on and got into position. Her husband moved the camera around so he could get a better shot and as she opened her legs around me lowered herself onto my cock. She went slow as first she she told me my cock was much bigger than her husbands as his cock was quite little

She was so fucking tight it was like fucking a virgin all the time telling me how amazing mt cock was and she loved feeling it inside her pussy and started to moan more and more. The husband was now right behind her and getting close shots of me fucking his wife and I was fucking her hard and she loved every push into her  

She started telling me to fuck her harder and a few seconds later we both came and pulling off my cock she removed the rubber and sucked and liked my cock clean getting every drop of cum from my dick. After we got our breaths back we agreed next time we would use a bed and after getting dressed the husband showed me out and thanked me for fucking his wife. I got an email the following day to arrange another meet...

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