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Costa Blanca cuckold contacts & story couple tell us what happened when they went to a Benidorm sex cinema called El Sofa Located at in the Old Town in Benidorm, Spain........

We went to Benidorm for a short break and because we were involved within the swinging scene where we lived in the UK and we knew that one thing Benidorm offered other than a cheap holiday was access to some of the Costa Blanca sex and swingers clubs, however what wasn’t planed was me becoming a cuckold …..and now I love it

We were coming home one night from a bar and was heading through the old town and noticed that familiar glow of a sex club…These bars & clubs stand out like a sore thumb and being a horny couple it got us interested so we walked over for a look.

It was a sex cinema called  “El Sofa” and went under the description of being  Benidorm's premium sex cinema so as we were interested headed in to see just what was on offer. Once inside we paid the fees and whilst my wife wanted to take me into the gay sex cinema section HAHA very funny I pulled her into the main theatre as they were showing some bifem porn …right up our street as my wife was bisexual

We sat down and it was light enough to see around and there was a few other couples and guys in there and it was pretty clear that some were doing a lot more than just watching the porn movies. We got ourselves comfortable and I noticed this young guy looking over and whispered in my wife’s ear to unbutton her top so he could see her tits, this she did without a second thought    

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We then sat back and at first he didn’t make a move then she opened her top further showing much more of her massive tits and that was all the signal he needed and he moved seats and we were joined by him. He didn’t say anything and it did take him a while before he made a move and then reached over pushing his hand into her top and started playing with her tits

Once he knew he wasn’t going to get slapped by my wife or me, he soon started playing with both tits and moving around in front of her undid her top completely and got a tits out and started sucking her nipples that were already rock hard and she started to groan in pleasure. Now sure of himself he was sucking and licking her tits and rubbing her thigh and was clear she was loving the idea of having sex with this stranger in a adult porn cinema especially as by now we had a few guys that had stopped watching the film and were now moving closer and watching my wife.

We was rubbing her thighs completely now and slipping his hand under her skirt and opening her legs he pushed his hand between legs and from her groaning was rubbing her clit thought her knickers. I couldn’t really see to well what was going on under her skirt so pulled it up showing her skimpy little knickers and his hand pushed hard into her pussy rubbing it. Another guy leaned over and with two hands pulled her knickers down and lifting her arse from the seat her knickers were off and she was showing her pussy to a room full of guys   

With her pussy out he started to finger her and she moved her hand down and was rubbing her clit at the same time and by now my wife's moans were now more intense and I knew she was getting close to cumming. She spread wider for him and placing her legs on the chairs in front he got down onto his knees and started to lick her pussy and with her starting rubbing herself she gasped and came again and this time far more intense pulling him up she kissed and licked her juices from his face and undoing his jeans pulled his cock out and pulled him towards her to fuck her

With her legs spread wide apart he took his cock and started rubbing it against her pussy and teasing her and with his hard cock pressed right against her she wrapped her legs behind him and pulled him straight into her and with a quick thrust he was in deep inside my wife's pussy fucking her. She didn’t give a fuck where she was now and how many guys were watching as she was groaning & moaning with each thrust of his cock and she was starting to cum for the third time when he gasped and was fucking her much harder now,  fuck me, she shouted out, fuck me hard as he came inside her filling her pussy with his cum

He did pull out straight away and stayed inside her till he’d softened and sliding his cock was covered in her juices and his cum and learning forward she sucked his cock and licked him clean. He walked out then and pulling her knickers back on we left and went back to the hotel room and fucked like crazy all night

Before we left Benidorm we had a couple more visits to the sex cinema and one of them turned into a bit of the group session but I'll tell you about that in my next blog posting...

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