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Benidorm Contacts - Swinging crazy British !!!!

say Benidorm! to most people and they don't instantly thing Benidorm Swingers its more the TV program although its for sure it did really bring Benidorm back onto the map again but for any expat swingers Benidorm means great swingers clubs and parties in some of the best bars along the Costa Blanca

Why Benidorm & why expat swingers?

you know I really don't know why Benidorm & Swinging seems to go hand in hand but if you've spent any time their you'll soon know its the party town of the Costas with most of the bars having some type of life sex show going and should you every visit make sure you check out Benidorm Palace but for the more hardcore shows hit the private clubs

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Benidorm Pool swingers party - Fun in the sun. Swingers Stories

OK how says it never rains in spain! come on fuss up? we came away for some, sun, swimming & hopefully sex on the Benidorm beach! but we got here and the bleeding heavens opened and I'm not talking about a bit of rain it started around 4am (when it woke me) and when we went down to the restaurant for breakfast it was still pouring

So we returned to the room and fortunately I'd brought my laptop with me so I suggest to Karen (my GF) we logged onto the site and check out what was going on in the forum as we had a load of swingers friends in the UK and hopefully they would be online, although their was NO way I was telling them about the shit weather

Once logged in know one was around so I looked in the chatroom as I knew their was a section of Spanish Swingers and I just wondered, and hey! we were in luck as a couple from Benidorm were online and they looked pretty fit, she was 29 and he was 35 both slim and after chatting briefly in the chatroom the guy said for me to phone him up. We chatted on the phone for a while and got on well, so much so they invited us round to their villa the next day which was in Calpe, apparently just down the coast road and easy to find

We sat back and fortunately the weather cleared up and we got out, but we were both interested in meeting with Dave & June.

The evening soon came round and we headed out in the hire car and found them pretty quickly, they invited us in but we could see something was wrong! after 5 minutes Dave came over me and said they had to go out as they were having problems with their kids round the sitters villa, so for us to make ourselves at home, with drink or the pool and they would be back shortly! Well - free bar & pool all we needed to have some fun

We helped ourselves to some drinks and walked out into the garden, FRIGGING WOW the garden was lit up like a christmas tree and the pool was their all lit as well, so I looked to Karen and said come on lets get in, especially as the water was lovely and warm and it was a really hot night and this was all I needed to pined Karen up against the pool wall and started to fuck her as we'd never had sex in a swimming pool before, after all how many people do you know in the UK with a pool!

We were so involved we never noticed Dave June return, let alone the fact they stripped off and it was only when they started walking into the pool we noticed and moving along side us they started fucking each as well, but pretty soon after them fucking Dave's hand moved over and starting playing with Karen's tits so, not wanting to be left out I did the same with June.

I then moved over to June and started fucking her, whilst Dave had his hands all over Karen sliding them between her legs and could see from the reaction on Karen's face was hitting all the right places and could tell she was about to cum as I know that look! and with that June then moved her hand over to carry on playing with Karen's tits and that was all I needed to moved to one side and Dave did the same while the two women started to kiss and finger each other

Karen then pulled herself up onto the outside of the pool and with her legs over the edge opened them wide so June would have complete access to her, and moving in she started to finger and lick her clit, by now I was standing over over wanking off and Dave was doing the same and as Karen came so we did all over the girls faces which they licked off

We all got back into the pool and chatted before moving back into the villa and watching some porn before we all started again, that was the start of a great week as we met up with Dave & June a few time and even hit some of the private swingers clubs around Costa Blanca

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