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Gay sex fun in the Spanish sun

I said he should come over to Spain and we could have some fun in the sun and whatever. He was always going to come over but you know how it is. One Friday morning he called me and said he had a could get a cheap flight that night for two nights, to a place called Murcia, did I know where it was. Of course I did, new airport 20 k away. He could come over but arrive at around 3 am! WOW! Come over I said, stay with me. just till Sunday night then home again.

I would meet him no problem and we could go from there. Well, what was I going to wear that was rude and sexy. My silk running shorts obviously. I had several sets. All very short, ultra lightweight and thin.

They had an inner brief which actually didn’t support anything but made them a little less transparent. Wear the white with a silk top he said. Right on. I would look almost naked and you could see my pubic hair through the material.!!! Wear your cock rings as well.

Ah!!! I love to wear a thick tight one around my cock and balls and another around the shaft. They are great when I am erect. My genitals are swollen almost blue black..... wonderful. Even when not erect the rings make me have a big bulge in the underwear.

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You get the idea. The silk shorts did nothing to suppress the bulge and when I walked, what I had was swinging or pointing......... lovely and rude. The top didn’t cover much either. I actually looked a real .......... whatever you want to think. I said that he should wear some shorts as well, it is very hot at 3 am. Football shorts and a top. Fine. We had never met but I think we would recognise each other. LOL

I drove out to the airport from where I lived near Elche. Took about 40 mins. Parked in the new car park. Away from other cars, and went into the terminal. Not a lot happening but a few people about waiting. They were ......... looking at me......... my bulge was showing through the silk shorts. Not hard yet but firm and no point in disguising what I was!!!! I walked around feeling the silk rubbing me, seeing the people looking at me, sat down a few times and moved about.

Bent over to pick something up. It was funny the men and women different reactions. I was a teasing bugger I tell you. As the hour approached a few more people arrived and their reaction was even better. I have to say I was getting harder now and so it was more pointed. His plane landed and I stood where he could see me in a clear space. It’s not a big airport and Ryanair arrive at some odd hours.

Fraid I was erect now so no modesty left. Though he came and wearing his footballs shorts . he had nothing underneath them and was even more pointing than me. We both laughed at our indecency. He came over and we hugged tightly. Two guys meeting? Yes , I think so. Felt his hard on thrusting against mine and me. His hands and arms hugging me.

Another place and we would have been kissing. We let go and two throbbing cocks pointing to the sky through silk and nylon. Time to go or be thrown in jail. We put our arms around each other and minced out to the car park laughing like a pair of idiots.

Once we got to the car it was a different matter. We started sex as soon as we were next to the car then inside. Just to say Joe slid up me and came straight away. He pulled out and I sucked him off. Didn’t take too long to cum down my throat either. Wonderful. Then we relaxed a bit, we moved to the front of the car and I drove off home. Two days and nights of sex ahead. It was fantastic.

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