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Welcome nude swinging couples & singles !

Are naturist & swingers the same !!! NO and I can only get away with saying something like that on a website! try saying that in some of the naturism clubs and beaches and lets put it this way as a male you'd have to cover your bits up

Naturist do not like being classed within the swinging scene, but as swingers & nudist we are happy to be called naturists swingers, so this leaves one open wondering which group is acting like children !

It has been a common misapprehension that swingers that enjoy outdoor sex are naturists which is pretty clear when you look at some of the nudist type photos showing couples playing tennis, cards and a recent photo I saw BBQing! where as ask a swinger about his naturism photos and it will show a completely different action!

Freedom of swinging nude outdoors!

Naturists are about one thing alone that having the freedom of being nude outdoors and naturist swingers are not that different in that they relish the freedom of stripping off and being proud of there bodies and nudity and it may come as a surprise to some but NOT all swingers are happy about being in the nude around others

There's one thing you can say about nudist swingers is these members are proud of there bodies no matter what size, shape or colour and enjoy showing themselves as they were born with nothing on whether that indoors at a small private party or outdoors.

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Holiday naturist resorts, sex in the sun

What is the popular misconception is that swinging naturists restrict themselves to meeting at special campsites, caravan sites and venues and whilst some of the European swingers resorts welcome swingers & nudist such as Cap d'Agde many UK locations have to have special agreement from the club and often these venues will be restricted to just swingers clubs members only ......but one thing its not about is BBQ's & beach games, its far more fun than that

Get nude and have fun!!

Naturist swinging means one thing alone that members that are NOT afraid to strip off around others and that can mean in the company of 1 or a group and "sometimes" these group meets are held outside. So if you want to meet with others that enjoy the liberation of being naked amounts other then join us today

Happy Swinging...

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